Google Titan Security Key Full Features and Price Availablity

Last month one of the leading Tech company Google announced about their new product “Titan Security Key” at 2018’s conviction of Google Cloud Next. Now after only month it released in US. Titan Security Key is a USB security key which gives you the best two factor authentication security especially for your all online accounts. So let’s take a short introduction of Google’s Titan Security Key…

Google Titan Security Key

Google’s Titan Security Key is a Hardware USB Drive which provides you the strongest security with the latest technology based two factor authentication. Titan Security Key runs on Fido Alliance which means Fast Identity Online and universal 2nd factor. So whenever a user try to login on his account with Titan Security Key first the account verify the security key of the user and then details of the particular page where user wants to be login. Most of the social media platforms gives you 2 factor authentication, first with id password and second with OTP(One Time Password) but hackers can easily hack your messaging paths and break your password but Google Titan Security Key is hard key security in your pocket so whenever you are login with a new Device it will require and its very hard to replace it with any hacking tool. titan security keyIts like a key of your house locks, and there is no requirements for any special browser to use this, you can easily use it with your google chrome and other regular browsers. You can set the key for All your google accounts like , google drive, google cloud , gmail etc.

After the announcement Google done a test on their thousands of employees, google asked them for the security key for all their online accounts and after the month, they found there is no any phishing attack happened in all the month. There are other similar keys also available in the market but google believes that this one is better than the others. So this is a short introduction of Google’s Titan Security Key now let’s see How it works…

How Titan Security Key Works 

So first you have to purchase a Titan Security Key and then for adding it you to follow these simple instructions ..

1. Open your Browser and login with your Google account.

2. Now open the security settings and click on the 2 step verification page.titan security key 2 step verification

3. Now you can find a new option “Add Security Key”, click on it and open the option.

4. Now insert your Titan Security Key into the USB port.

5. You can see a Gold Disc icon there, click on it.

6. After that a pop up comes where google asks you to allow google for checking your security key’s manufacturing or model name for future verification, so allow this for safety.

7. You can also click on block this will not stop the process. So the choice is yours.

8. Then you have to some instructions which shows on the display.

9. After all the instructions followed now click on the finish button.

10. And in the last it will ask you about some security and recovery options which you can use in the rare case where you lost your security key.

Now all the configuration completed and when will you sign in next time with a new device it will always ask for your Titan security key.

Price and Availability

The price of Google’s Titan Security Key is only $50 and it is available on Google store. It is full kit of 4 devices USB security key, Bluetooth security key, USB-C to USB-A adapter, USB-C to USB-A connecting cable. Full kit of titan security keyAt present Google Titan key available in only United States but very soon it will be launch for other countries.

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So if you’re a citizen of united states purchase it, and increase the security of your online accounts. And if you have any reviews and suggestions about it please write down to us.



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