How To Play Minecraft In Your Browser For Free

One of the most popular game, “Minecraft” completed its 10th anniversary a few days ago and to make this occasion special, the developer of Minecraft “Mojang” has released a web version of Minecraft for its users. This web version is a web version of Minecraft classic that you can open in your browser and you can play it by without paying any amount means free of cost. Another special feature of this web version of the Minecraft Classic game is that you will not need to download any software or any other game file to play it on the browser.

Released in 2009, the Minecraft classic was a free game from the beginning but then it was only available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and also Java required but now for the first time, users will be able to play this game in the web browser. So let’s see how you can play Minecraft in your Browser…

How Can You Play Minecraft In Your Browser For Free

Just like I mentioned above you don’t require anything special and extra to play Minecraft in your browser, what you only have to do is just open your browser and follow this link by clicking on it. On the next page that currently opens in your browser, you can directly start your game without downloading any kind of game file. The only thing which you will need to play this game is a “Keyboard.” Without a keyboard, you won’t able to play this game and it clears us that we can’t play this game on our smartphones and tablets, unfortunately.

Apart from these, there are few things also that I think you should know before playing this game, which are…

1.The Minecraft classic you are going to play in your browser will be a game of 2009 means the Minecraft Classic which is available on the web will be exactly as it used to be in 2009, so don’t expect that you will get to play the Minecraft classic of 2019. That Means you will have to experience an old low graphical user interface, where you will get 32 different types of blocks to build, and you will get more bugs as compared to the average rainforest. You can also invite your friends up to 9 to join the game and play with you by sending them a joining link.

2. The second thing which you should know is, Minecraft Classic which you will play in your browser has only a single mode, “Creative Mode.” You won’t get the Survival mode that means no enemies to fight with.

3. The third and one of the most important thing is that you can’t save your game in this web version. Means you don’t get any option to save your game history, every time you have to start from the beginning. Although You can pause it but for that, your browser and pc should be remains turn on.

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So that’s is everything about how you can play Minecraft in your browser for free. Hopefully, you understand the process but still, if you have any questions you can ask us in the comments section.


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