Find Out How Much Time You Spend On Facebook And Instagram

How Much Time You Spend on Facebook and Instagram

At present, we are living in two worlds together, the first one is the real world and the second one is the social media world. Even the count of youth is almost same in both the real world and social media world. We do not know but we are slowly becoming addicted to them. We are spending most of our time on social media, especially on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and that takes us away from reality and the real world relationships. And in an experiment that is proven that a lot of usage of social media can harm our mind and physical body. I know it’s important to use them but it is also important to set a limited time for their usage. And most of social media platform gives us the feature to know, how much time we are spending on these social media platforms. If we talk about the big platforms, then Facebook and Instagram give us the convenience that we can see how much time we spend on Facebook and Instagram. So let’s learn together how can we know that how much time we are spending on Facebook and Instagram?

How Much Time You Spending On Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms and most of us are spending a lot of our time on Facebook and team facebook knows that very well and that’s why to help us they release a new feature which is “Your Time on Facebook”. “Your Time on Facebook” is a dashboard feature which appears on the top of your facebook app. And when you click on it you can see a dashboard board and that will show you that how much time you have spent on Facebook so far today. Below the dashboard, there is a timely reminder feature given and with the help of that, You can also set a time limit and reminder which notify you every time when you crossed the time limit.How Much Time You Spend on Facebook and Instagram You can also turn off and change the time limit whenever you want. Facebook gives you another feature which helps you to mute the notification for a fixed time, you just need to open your “Notification Settings” and then click on “Mute Push Notifications”. So this is all about Facebook now let’s see how can we do the same on Instagram?

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How Much Time You Spending On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms at the present time. Although Instagram is a Facebook-owned company but nowadays Instagram is more popular than Facebook. Most of their features are same like this one but the way to use it is a little bit different. So in Instagram, you can easily know how much average time you spend here so first you need to open your Instagram account on the Instagram application and then click on your profile. Once you open your profile, you will see three lines in the top of the screen which is a sign of more options, so click on it, after clicking on it you will get three different options there and the first one is “Your Activity”, so click on it. After it opens you will find a dashboard there and on the top of the page, you can see how much average time you’re spending on Instagram. How Much Time You Spend on Facebook and InstagramThere is a weekly graph below the average time which will show you your every day’s time count so far this week. And below the graph there are two options like facebook, first one is “set daily reminder Feature” which will help to set a fixed time for Instagram and the second option is notification settings for mute notifications. So overall a very easy process to know your spending time on Instagram.

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So these are the ways which helps you to know how much time you are spending on Facebook and Instagram. And they are also helpful to save you to become their habitual. And if you have any queries about it, you can ask us in the comments section.


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