Everything You Need To Know About A Radar System

what is a radar how radar system works usage of radar system history of radar

Airplane, fighter jets fly at high altitudes in the sky, where no direction is visible nor any direction signs, and it also flies between dense clouds in the night, because of which nothing is possible to see, In such situations, they always reach their right destination, have you thought how? In the same way, at the time of war or on border security, any other aircraft is crossing our border or how close is it to us, how it can be checked? So the answer of both of the questions is “Radar,” radar is the things which help the pilot or other supporting staff to do such things. So let’s know about the Radar system …

What Is A Radar

Radar is a device that detects the presence, direction, distance, and speed of aircraft, ships, and other objects, by sending out the radio waves which are reflected off the object back to the source. Let’s understand it in a little easier language, so what we use to see anything is Light, which we get in the daytime by sunlight and at night by several sources of light such as lights used at home, torch, fire-light, etc., in the same way, to identify things in their path, aircraft, fighter jets, ships, and other objects using radio waves instead of light. We can see objects in the world around us because light reflects them in our eyes, in the same way, the airplane, fighter jets, ships, etc recognize the objects around it because Radio waves reflect them in radar.

The radio waves left by the radar of any aircraft, when it strikes an object, it sends its reflection back to the radar, from which it is seen on the radar that there is some type of object around the plane. In earlier times, the radar was used only in the war against the enemy, which started very first, during and before the World War II, when Radar was developed secretly for military use by many countries. But now the usage of radars have changed, the radars of today’s generation are equipped with very high technology and due to which the scope of their usage has also expanded. In today’s time, the use of radars are mainly done in areas such as air and terrestrial traffic control, radar astronomy, air-defense systems, antimissile systems, marine radars to locate landmarks and other ships, aircraft anti-collision systems, ocean surveillance systems, outer space surveillance and rendezvous systems, meteorological supervision monitoring, Altimetry and flight control systems, guided missile target locating systems, and geological observations.

How Radar System Works

To know how a radar works, first you need to know about some parts of the radar, which are…

  1. Magnetron
  2. Duplexer
  3. Antenna
  4. Transmitter
  5. Radar Screen
what is a radar how radar system works usage of radar system history of radar

No matter where the radar system placed, whether it is in a plane, jet or ship, all these parts are attached in every radar system and the entire process of a radar system run around them. So the process starts with sending radio waves, to detect any object coming in its way, Radar uses radio waves, which produced by Magnetron. The radar does not send these radio waves continuously but instead sends in different intervals, and the rest of the time tries to get reflection from radio waves. The speed of the radio waves is also similar to the lights, which is very fast, but what makes it more special is its length, where the light waves have a length of about 500 nanometers, while the length of the radio waves from about a few centimeters to meters, which is one million times longer than light waves.

Now back to the process, so once magnetron generates radio waves, then another part of the radar system which is antenna acts as a transmitter and releases those radio waves outer environment. Radio waves spread from the antenna to the outer atmosphere at the speed of light (186,000 miles that are 300,000 km per second), and continue till it does not collide with an object, then some of them bounce back toward the antenna in a beam of reflected radio waves also with the similar speed. This fast speed of radio waves is also very important, because if any enemy aircraft or other object is coming rapidly towards you then it is important that your radar should get you the information quickly as soon as possible so that you can act accordingly that. An antenna is used for two types of work in the radar system, the first one that I mentioned above, to release radio waves, after doing the first work the second act of Antenna begins, which is to get back the radio waves. The antenna receives these radio waves and sends them on the radar TV screen, where a human operator constantly checks them.

what is a radar how radar system works usage of radar system history of radar

The operator who examines the radar screen gets information about the distance of the object shown on the radar, its speed, on the basis of the signals shown on the radar screen, and then the operator takes further decisions on the basis of that. Now you must be thinking that I did not mention a part of the radar system in this whole process, Duplexer, right? So like other parts of a radar system, the duplexer is also a very important part, whose task is to make the antenna, Receiver from Transmitter and then change it into Transmitter from Receiver, that is why because an antenna cannot work as both at the same time.

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so that’s how a radar systems works, hopefully, now you know everything about a radar system, such as what is radar system and how a radar system works. But still, if you have any questions regarding today’s our article so you can ask us in the comments section.


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