How To Copy Your Apple Account Data From Apple Store

One of the leading tech company Apple is famous or popular for their iPhones, iPad, MacBook and all new technologies which they released. Apple believes in launching premium features for their users. But there is one thing also which makes them a trusted organization and that is their privacy and security policies. Users of apple are always feeling secure because Apple never shares their user’s data to anyone in any condition. In fact, there are some cases happened where it rejected the order of legal authorities for sharing anyone’s data. Sometimes it becomes the reason for crime but most of the time it proves that it is only for the user’s safety purpose.

Apple strict about their data privacy policies but for others who wants someone else data but if you’re an Apple user you can easily get your data which apple saved about you. Here we are not only talking about your device data like songs or picture we are also talking about your usage history like what you search or what you click or your App history. So you can easily take a duplicate copy or download your all data which saved in apple storage.

So before going to the process of getting all your data, first let’s check what data you can get from the Apple store.

  • iCloud Drive files and documents.
  • iCloud Mail.
  • iCloud Photos.
  • App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Stor, and Apple Music activity.
  • Game Center activity.
  • iCloud Bookmarks and Reading List.
  • iCloud Calendars and Reminders.
  • iCloud Contacts.
  • iCloud Notes.
  • Maps Reports.
  • Marketing subscriptions.
  • downloads and other activity.
  • Apple ID account and device information.
  • Apple Online Store and Retail Store activity.
  • AppleCare support history, repair requests and more.
  • Other data.


So these are the documents which apple store about you, you can choose what you want to download.

There are also two different processes based on your residence.

(A) For the European Union

(B) For other countries (Out of the European Union)

So for downloading your data, you have to follow these few easy steps..

(A) For The European Union 

1. Open the “Apple’s Privacy Page” and login with your Apple Id.

2. Now you can see different options of your data(topic which mentioned above).Apple data categories

3. Simply select the data which you want to download by clicking the specific box of each.

4. You can also i cloud drive , i cloud photos and i cloud mails but it takes more time so select it if it requires.

5. Now select the data size limit (Minimum 1GB to Maximum 25 GB). And submit it.

6. It takes one week to two week time and than you will get a email of all your required data information.

So this is the method for the European Union and now move to other countries..

(B) For other countries (Out of the European Union)

1. Open “Apple’s Privacy Page“. And login with your Apple ID there.

Apple Privacy Page2. Now you will get a privacy form there. So first choose your language and then fill the form with all required questions like your e-mail id, your Name, Subject , etc.

3. After submitted it you have to wait and within 24 hours you will get a mail from the Apple side.

4. In this email Apple will ask some questions and information about you, so submit your all answers there.

5. After submitted the mail it will take some time of one week to 10 days (sometimes it takes more, but mostly this takes less than 10 days) and you will get an another email.

6. This email will also from the company and this will a password protected zip file.

7. So open the file and you will get all different spreadsheet options for your data.

8. So open which info you want to see or know about your data.

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So both of the method are here you can use them and get all your data. This method will change very soon and than everyone from all the world get their data by only one method. So enjoy the trick and send us your reviews and let us know if you getting any problem.



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