How To Find And Remove Duplicate Files From PC

There are several things like Processor , Ram and Storage, which matters the most for every person who has his own PC or who planning for buying a new one. Ordinary people who are not using computer for games and video editing or for other professional work, generally doesn’t affects by the Ram and Processor issue but the Storage factor matters to all. People always loves a PC with high storage, it store their all memories , movies , songs and other professional work stuff, And whenever we received an error message of full storage it irritate us. There are so many factors which affects on your storage but one of them is Duplicate Files and this is the common problem of every PC user. Our system store lot’s of duplicate files and most of them are application setup files and than songs and pictures.

Finding duplicate files one by one and delete them is a hard and hectic work. There are some other ways to do it easily and the best one is “Third party Apps. There are so many apps are available which can detect your duplicate files and delete them. And here i am sharing top 3 Apps for your PC so let’s see how they works…


Ccleaner is a perfect app for removing duplicate files from your PC. It developed by Piriform. Basically Ccleaner launched for removing junk files who affects on your computer speed but now the version upgraded and today it is one of the best app for finding and removing duplicate files. It is a freeware which has a user friendly interface. So let’s see How you can find and remove duplicate files with the help of Ccleaner..Ccleaner

1. Download Ccleaner from it’s official website and then Install it.

2. After the installation Open the application, here you can see a side bar on the left side, select the “Tools” option from there.

3. It shows you several options duplicate finder is one of them so click on it.

4. Now it asks for select the sizes or file type, so select them by your choices.

5. After that select the drive you want to to scan and click on the “Search” option, it will start scanning.

6. Now it shows you all the duplicate files so select them wisely and then click on the “Delete” option.

Now your computer is free from duplicate from files, you can also do the same process for checking it again.

Easy Duplicate Finder

It is a most recommended applications for Removing duplicate files. It is also a free application which find your duplicate files instant and smartly. As per it’s name it is easy to use this application on your PC. So let’s see how can it helps you to find and remove your PC’s duplicate files…easy duplicate finder

1. Download it from it’s official website and install it on your PC.

2. Now run the application and browse the drive and folder which you want to scan.

3. After selecting the folder click on “Start Scan.”

4. Now it shows you all the all duplicate files.

5. Now select the files which you want to delete and “Delete” them.

So that’s the easy process to find and remove duplicate files from pc with the help of “Easy Duplicate Finder.”

Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox is multi feature application which gives you , junk file cleaning, video downloading , screenshot and video recording feature with Duplicate file removing feature. It works for both Mac OS and Windows. Parallels Toolbox has a easy interface and that’s why it’s easy to find out duplicate files from PC. So let’s see how it works…parallels toolbox

1. Download Parallels Toolbox from it’s official website and run it on your PC.

2. Now click on “Find Duplicates” options. Then click on “Select” and then choose the drive which you want to scan.

3. After that it will scan the drive or folder which you selected.

4. Now it show you all the results from scanning, so select the duplicate files wisely for removing.

5. Now click on “Move to Trash” option for removing all the duplicate files.

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So that’s the few steps for finding and removing duplicate files with the help of “Parallels Toolbox”. And so try these apps and if you have any feedback and suggestions for us write down in comments box.


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