How To Transfer Old PlayStation 4 Data To The New PS4 Device

How To transfer PlayStation 4 Data

The world of virtual gaming changed so much after the releasing of PlayStation because Sony Interactive Entertainment provides you the High tech technologies and best quality graphics games with PlayStation. The latest version of PlayStation is PlayStation 4 which released in 2013 but there are also new upgraded version of PS4 available in market. People always wants new gaming technologies and new version of PlayStation 4 fill this needs of them. But it’s hard to take the decision of buying new model because most of them are worried about to lost their last gaming data if they will purchase new model of PS4, but there is no need to worry because you can easily transfer your old PS4 data into New model of PS4.

So before going to the procedure of data transfer there are some important instructions which you need to know before transferring the data.

Instruction Before Data Transfer

1. Take a backup of the data of your new PS4 because once you transfer the old PS4 data into it, all the saved data of new PS4 will be deleted automatically.

2. Download the Latest system software version in both of the old and new PS4 console.

3. Do not switch off your Devices between the transferring otherwise you can lose your data or it will effect on your devices.

4. All the High resolution videos and pictures saved in your devices will be open in only PlayStation pro.

So these are the important points which you need to remember whenever you’re trying to transfer the data between your two PlayStation 4 devices.

How to Transfer The Data

Now going to the procedure of data transferring process, So it’s easy to transfer your saved data between both of the ps4 console. There are two ways to do it…How To transfer PlayStation 4 Data

1. Connected with wireless network

2. Connected with LAN cable network

The process of both ways are almost same, the difference is about the mode of network and accessories which needed.

Required accessories

1. Connected with wireless network – Wireless connectivity and 1 LAN cable for the other PS4.

2. Connected with LAN cable network – Wired network connectivity with LAN cable.

So if all the equipment are ready we can go for the process. So here are few easy steps to follow..

Step 1 – Connect your both old and new PlayStation 4 devices with the same internet connection by using wireless connectivity or with LAN cable network.

Step 2 – sign in with your PlayStation id and password on your new PS4 and also Connect it with the TV Screen.

Step 3 – If you’re still using the old system software , it will show a pop up for update your software so update it before transferring the data.

Step 4 – Now switch on the old PlayStation 4 console by hold the power button for few seconds and when it sounds a beep Connect it with the new PS4 console with the LAN cable.

Step 5 – Now open the settings of new PlayStation 4 and select system and then Transfer Data from Another PS4 and follow the instructions which appears on screen.How To transfer PlayStation 4 Data

Step 6 – It will takes only few minutes and you data will transferred.

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So this the process of transferring your old PlayStation 4 data to your new PlayStation 5 console. It will safely send your all the gaming data, all screenshot and videos and all your folders. If you have data of non synchronized trophies or achievements so please make sure synchronize them before the transfer process because you can not transfer the data of non synchronize trophies data. So let’s try this process and send your feedback to us.


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