How To Turn Your Pc Into A Television

Television and computer are the top most usable devices by a common person. But what anyone can do if there is only one device “Computer” available on home Or the quality of the compute is better than the tv. So don’t worry there is few ways to turn your computer into a tv, so you can enjoy features of both in one device. At present there are so many television platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, C4 tv are available where you can watch easily TV shows with only using your internet connection but it’s not become a proper t.v. with that. Or if there is somebody who has not using a fast internet service , so can people like them, enjoy TV Features in their computer device???

And the answer is yes, people who wants to use their computer as a television, they can easily do this by following these steps.

Using Computer As Television With The HDMI CableHDMI CABLE PORT

1. Connect your pc to your TV with a HDMI cable. The HDMI port on the pc and also the HDMI port on the TV are precisely the same and also the HDMI cable ought to have constant connexion on each ends.

2. Change the TV input into TV to HDMI by pressing input button from remote. Now Comes to your computer and right click on the screen and then select the display setting option.

3. Now you’ll see a choice named Detect there, click thereon. at that time it’ll checking out your connected T.V. , Currently once Detecting the tv screen you may notice a choice Identify ,Click thereon.

4. This will demonstrate a name on both of the screen Computer and T.v. after that you will discover a drop down alternative of Multiple Displays. There are Four alternatives for you and you can choose them according to your decision, so the choices are,,,

–> Duplicate These displays is the first option there and in the event that you tap on this choice, both of the gadgets Computer and T.V. demonstrates you same Computer screen.

–> Extended These Display is the next option and as per the name It will make your TV a broadened some portion of your work area.

–> Next option is pick the no. 1st screen and let the 2nd screen off.

–> And Next option is pick no. 2nd screen and let the 1st screen off.

5. Now after all these things click on apply button for allows all the settings and than enjoy your tv in your computer.

So these are the simple steps to change your computer into Television but how can anyone do this same with his old pc which has no any HDMI port, so for that the process wil be same for this one also. you only have to do bring TV to DVA or VGA cable in the place of HDMI. And then fix and follow all the steps which we mention above.

Using Computer As Television With The TV TUNER

IF there is a person who has only computer and don’t have a fast internet connection what will he can do to turn his television into pc. So this time where we have only one computer device. so we need a Tv Tuner device. So lets check out first what is “TV TUNER”?


TV Tuner is a flag beneficiary card which enables you to watch your television or link stuff on pc. A TV tuner card can even give a strategy to recording TV appears on the PC for later review, like how a Digital Video Recorder gadget functions.A tuner is often connected between the antenna and also the sender or receiver and is a lot of specifically connected between the feed line and also the antenna or between the feed line and radio to reduce loss. thus briefly Tv tuner are some things which may connect your setup box to your Computer for build it a tv.TV Tuner

So this is the Tv Tuner s now here you can learn how you can use this to turn your pc into television.

With Using TV Tuner

1. So for turn your pc into television you have to purchase a Tv Tuner card.

2. Now Open the Tuner card board fix all the equipment (stand, cables} which come along with it.

3. Now attach all the colorful(Red,White and green. cable with TV TUNER Card Box from “a” side and the “b” side will connect to the Set-Up Box.

4. Now connect the Moniter cable to the Tv Tuner box and start the whole systems moniter. And now it all Set, You can enjoy The services in your pc.

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So these are the few easy steps to using your computer as a television with the help of TV Tuner. So enjoy and send us your reviews and problems about it.



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