How To Turn Your Browser Into Notepad

how to turn your browser into notepad

As I have already mentioned in many of my old articles, that the Internet has become one of our basic needs today. And at the present time, all of us use it a lot, even we can not imagine our life without the internet. although everyone has their own reasons for using it, someone uses it for their profession, someone for entertainment or someone uses it for learning, and sometimes while doing these essential tasks on the internet, we need a notepad to write something important or necessary points. However, the PC already has a Notepad feature, and in a situation like this, most of the time we prefer to use it, but opening it and the browser again and again at the same time creates a lots of trouble, For one time may be pc users can do so, but for mobile users it is very difficult to do this. So to solve this problem, today I am gonna share with you, How to turn your browser into notepad…

How To Turn Your Browser Into Notepad

However, in addition to the inbuilt features of the PC, lots of extensions and third-party apps are also available to use Notepad, but you don’t need to download any third party apps or extension for the trick which I am gonna share here with you. All you have to do is open the link which I shared below.

data: text / html, <html contenteditable>

And for this, you just have to copy this link and paste into your browser’s address bar. Then it will open a new page, a new page which will be completely blank. You can type anything by clicking on this page, just like a notepad. I know, now you must be thinking how does this trick work? So there is no any rocket science behind this trick, it’s simple when you open this link in your browser, this link opens a new blank HTML page, this HTML page is like a normal page, in which you can only type and delete anything. This is a borderless HTML page, in which you can not make any kind of customization with fonts or with writing like change the font size or change the writing. Although this page definitely gives you the access to doing copy, cut and to turn your browser into notepad

You can also access this link directly and quickly by bookmarking it. And the thing you need to keep in mind about this trick is that this trick will work only in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the latest version of opera mini browsers. And the thing which makes this trick special is that You can use this trick in both mobile and PC devices.

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So I think now you know how to turn your browser into a notepad. I think I covered everything about this trick but still, if you have any questions regarding how to turn your browser into notepad, you can ask us in the comments section.


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