Let’s See How To Use Smartphone As A Webcam

How To Use A Smartphone As A Webcam

Technology has made a lot of changes in our mode of communication, it started with the letters, then voice calling and now it is an era of video calling. Video Calling has greatly reduced our distances where we used to talk only, now with talking we can also see each other. Video calling is also very easy like voice calling, what we need is only a screen and a camera, and Mobile and PC are the two best options of it. It is very easy to make video calls from mobile because we do not need any separate equipment for it, but for PC we need a webcam. Although webcams are easily available in the market at affordable prices, but still if you do not want to buy them, then there is another way through which, you can easily do video calling with PC without a webcam, and that is “Smartphone”.Yes, you can use your smartphone as a webcam, you only have to follow a short and easy process for it.so let’s learn together how can we use the smartphone as a webcam …

How To Use Smartphone As A Webcam

Using a Smartphone as a webcam is a short and easy process but there are two different ways for it. And here I’m sharing both the ways, so you can use any one as per your choice.

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Use Smartphone As A Webcam With Using USB

It is not a hard process to use your smartphone as a webcam via USB, what you need is only a working USB cable and a Third party application “DroidCam” in both PC and Android Mobile. So follow these simple steps which we mentioned below…

  1. Download and install DroidCam App on your Android Mobile.
  2. Connect your smartphone to the PC via USB, but remember don’t select any options like storage or charging etc.
  3. Now Open the settings of your smartphone and then enable “USB debugging” under the Developer option.How To Use A Smartphone As A Webcam With DroidCam App
  4. Now Open DroidCam app on your mobile and when you open it, you will see a note “Starting server” on the screen.
  5. After that, download the DroidCam Client Application on your PC and Open it.
  6. When you open the client app, You will find multiple options there, from which you have to click on the USB button.
  7. Now the DroidCam app will open the camera on your smartphone and you can use it as a webcam. What else you need to do is configure the settings of your video calling app or video chatting app, you have to select “DroidCam” as a camera option on video section.

How To Use Smartphone As A Webcam Using Wi-Fi

Using a smartphone as a webcam with the help of WiFi is an easier method as compared to the USB method. The only thing you have to ensure that your smartphone and your pc should be connected with the same WiFi network.

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And To connect your smartphone and your PC with the same network, you can use a wireless router, which connects your Android phone and PC to the same network or you can connect your android mobile to the PC internet network with the help of a virtual router but there is a condition that this method is only for window 7 PC. However, there is another way, but for that, your mobile must be rooted, and if so, you can connect your PC and Android smartphone to the shared wifi network by enabling the ad-hoc network.

So these are the ways to connect your Android Mobile and PC with the same network now let’s get back to the main topic and see how to use a smartphone as a webcam via WiFi. So here I am sharing few easy steps and you have to follow them to connect your smartphone as a webcam via WiFi…

1. Download and install IP WEBCAM application on your android smartphone.

2. After installing, Open this app and you will find so many options there like, username, password, port, sound etc, so you don’t have to do so much here, just go down and click on the “Start server” option.

3. Now IP WEBCAM application will open your camera then click on “How do I connect” option which you can find on the top of the left side. It will give you few options, so select “I’m using Wi-fi router” option to get the IP address and Port.

How To Use A Smartphone As A Webcam With IP WEBCAM

4. The address you will get from there is like a link and you have to paste it on your PC Web Browser.

5. After that it will open a new web page where you will get few options for “How you can use your new webcam” so select the option “Connect to PC for use with Skype and other video chats on Windows” and when you click on it, it will start download and install the webcam driver on your PC.

6. After the downloading process completed, open your video calling app like skype or google plus and in video section select the webcam driver (which you just installed). Now you can start your video calling.

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So these are the two ways to use your smartphone as a webcam and you can use anyone as per your choice. Both of these methods will work for Windows PC and Android Mobile only, it will not be useful for other devices like ios and Linux. And if you have any questions about both of these methods so you can share with us in the comments section.


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