How Whatsapp Beta Testing Version Works

WhatsApp messenger which is one of best and favourite messenger at present time, always trying to release their new features especially this year they done lot’s of new changes with their features. And whenever a new update or feature comes, first company released a beta version for testing the feature. Most of us always thinks that company select some special users for that, but this is not a complete process. Yes company select some experts for that but only some the other user are join the beta testing program by themselves. You can also be a part of beta testing version and than you can also give your reviews and suggestions or feedbacks to others. So for joining the WhatsApp beta testing program, let’s know what it exactly.

WhatsApp Beta Testing Program

Whatsapp always launch a beta testing version before every new feature released. And after that WhatsApp development team read all the reviews by their experts and users who participated in Whatsapp beta testing program and after that as per reviews they fix all the bugs and problem. The benefit with WhatsApp beta testing version is users can use all the new features before the normal WhatsApp users. But it gives you both benefits and losses together, because it gives you latest features but bugs also.

So If you wants to attach with latest technology, you can join WhatsApp Beta testing version with two ways.

1. With using Playstore.
2. With using Browser.

1. With using Playstore – You can easily use WhatsApp beta testing version by following these simple steps…

1. First go to Google Playstore and search for the whatsapp messenger.

2. Download the app if you haven’t downloaded it than scroll down your screen. Than a after the description you will find an option “Become a Beta tester”, tap on it.

3. After that click on “join.” And than you will get an update for WhatsApp. And after the update, you will become a WhatsApp beta tester.Beta testing version

2. With using Browser – As well as the the google Playstore app process, there is also a simple process via browser for Beta testing version. So follow these simple steps…

1. Open your “Gmail” and sign in with your google play id.

2. Click on this link and visit this page.

3. Now you will see an option of “Become a tester.” Click on this and than you will get an update for WhatsApp update and you can join WhatsApp as a beta version tester.

Uninstall The Beta version – Once you join WhatsApp as a beta version tester you will get the latest updates which WhatsApp released. And with that that you will get some bugs and issues also and because of that if you want to quit from that version, there is also a simple way to exit. So follow these steps …

1. Open your google Playstore and search for WhatsApp.

2. Now scroll down your screen and again tap on the “You are a beta tester” options.

3. After that you will see an option “leave”, click on this, it requires confirmation so tap on “yes”.

4. Than uninstall the beta version and install the stable version again.

Beta testing version quit

So recently WhatsApp launch some new features, You can enjoy them with the beta version. And send us your reviews and suggestions to us.


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