Important Linux facts that you should know Before certification

Linux is a open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel. Typically, Linux is packaged in a form known as a Linux distribution for both desktop and server use.
Initial release date of linux 17 September 1991. it has operating system Unix-like. Default user interface is GNOME. Linux is Written in Primarily C and assembly Langugae. Linux Kernel type is Monolithic (Linux Kernel)

Learning and exploring things in Linux is quite delightful and exciting. UNIX and Linux certifications are very popular on the market And students are also showing their interest in this. Few vendors have created several certifications for you to prove your UNIX and Linux-based knowledge. so You should know something about Linux before you can make a certification which will help you a lot. so there are some interesting Facts about Linux.

so Let’s Get Started:-


Linux is Kernel it is not a operating system and GNU Linux is the OS and it has Hundreds of Flavors.

Linux unmodified version of it’s kernel is called “Vanilla Kernel”

IN previous Year, 75% of Linux code was developed by programmers working for Linux corporations. GOOGLE has contributed about 1.1% of the code in the current Linux kernel.

Uses of linux almost all smartphones Like WebOS, Google’s, Palm’s Android and operating systems are built on top of the Linux kernel.

Android mascot was stolen but Google, They did not originally create that mascot Actually The mascot was adopted from a Game Called Gauntlet.

Linux kernel has over 21 million lines of code. Major part of today’s Linux kernel is written in C programming language. Linux kernel has over 21 million lines of code and only 2% of today’s kernel contains code written by Torvalds.

Linus torvalds wanted to name it ‘Freax’ But His co-worker, lemmke, Named it linux.

TodayLinux Kernel has over 10 Million lines of code and it grows at the rate of 10% every year. About 4600 lines of codes are added in yearly and also 1500 lines of code are changed everyday. in 1991, Linux kernel version 0.01 was released with 10239 lines of code.

498 out of 500 supercomputer run on linux including the fastest sunway taihulight.

Top ten of supercomputers use Linux. 33.8% of the world runs on Linux servers.

Titanic and avatar were developed in 3D application on Linux using FOSS software.
Oscar-winning visual effects of the Titanic by James Cameron came from machines with Linux and Avatar was the last movie completely developed in Linux platform using Foss Software.

the European Union, the estimated cost to redevelop the most recent kernel versions would be at billion USD.

Linux Kernel was written by a 21 year finnish college student as a part of his hobby. ya and His name is Linus Torvalds. and they don’t want to publish it actually They made it to use in Oun use. But after a few days it Became open source.

Google has its Own linux Operating System called goobuntu for Their Employees.

Linux is used by google, amazon, facebook and even microsoft.

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The Linux official mascot is a Tux, abbreviation of tuxedo. The idea that Linux had a pet penguin comes from Linus Torvalds himself.


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