Lenovo Ideapad 530S and 330S Sleek and Ultraslim Laptop Launched

On this Wednesday 27th of june, Lenovo India launched their two new Lenovo Ideapad laptops. Both laptops are ultra slim and launched with new features. IdeaPad 530s and ideapad 330s are name of the new launched laptops.

so lets start with lenovo 330s, Lenovo 330s available on two different sizes one is 14 inch and the other one is 15.6 inches.

Looks of lenovo 330s is something that you expecting, good work of aluminum on the upper side. Easy to carry Lenovo Ideapad 330sanywhere because of its light weight, weight of lenovo 330s is 1.87 kg only and that makes it 24 percent lighter than the other laptops.

Lenovo 330s has a long lasting battery backup of 7 hours. The thing that makes it special is you can use the laptop for two hours even of you charge it only 15 minutes. So if you travel a lot or for a business meeting when you are so hurry , so Lenovo 330s is there for you.
Lenovo ideapad 330s give you the best storage feature ,it has 128 gb pcIe ssd + 1 tb sata hdd hybrid storage, so it is easy to storage and transfer big files with fast speed. It gives you upto 8 gb of ddr4 ram with 4 gb of AMD Radeon™ 535 graphics card , Gamers will surely likes it.

Lenovo ideapad 330s has i7-8550U processor of latest 8th generation Intel Core. 4ghz is the clock speed of the processor, that gives you fast boot speed and your apps will work faster than others.It gives you more features with full package of window 10.

Lonovo Ideapad 330s

Lenovo 330s has Full hd ips display with 1080×1920 resolution. full Hd screen on a wide-angle display. It has very thin 5.7 bezels. so you can enjoy your video on full screen. 24.4×35.8×1.94cm are the measurements of 330s.

Lenovo 330s has Dolby Audio® sound, which gives you best and clear sound quality. Lenovo 330s has some other features like , fingerprint access, multi-tasking ,wi-Fi 1×1 ac, bluetooth 4.1, usb type-c for fast charging, usb 3.0, and 4 in 1 card reader.

so overall Lenovo ideapad 330s is a full featured laptop which has a powerful battrey backups, and easy to carry.so if you purchase it this is going to be a good deal.

Now time to move on the other device, which is Lenovo 530s.

Lenovo ideapad 530s has some similar features with 330s but the main features are upgraded. Lenovo 530s is a 14 inch premium device with premium feature. It is also have an ultra-slim look. The upper side body made with aluminum. And it is lighter than 330s , weight of Lenovo 530s is 1.49 kg only, you can carry it with you anywhere. The body measurements of 530s is 32.3×22.6×1.64cm.

The battery backup is more than 330s, it has the long lasting battery backup of 8 hours and it also got the fast Lenovo Ideapad 530scharging feature , Lenovo 530s also gives you 2 hours of battery backup with only 15 minutes charging.

Now about the storage of lenovo 530s, the storage feature is not similar, here you got the storage up to 16 gb ddr4 memory and up to 512 gb pcIe ssd storage. ssd storage makes your transfer of files easier or faster than anyone. Lenovo 530s gives you the best NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 graphic card, that gives you the license to play big game with more visual quality.

Lenovo ideapad 530s featured with the latest generation of Intel® core™ i7 processor , that gives you the best performance. clock speed of the processor is upto 4ghz.
Lenovo 530s gives you ultra security with window 10s. It makes you three time more secure with your payments.

Display of Lenovo 530s is a wqhd ips display with the resolution of 2560×1440. Thick 5.7 mm bezels and a wide angle display makes it very impressive. Same like 330s it has also the amazing Dolby Audio ® sound. There are some other features you have got on 530s are, fingerprint access, seamless multi-tasking, wifi 1×1 ac, Bluetooth 4.1,usb type-c, 3.0 usb and 4 in 1 card reader.

Lenovo Ideapad 530s

So overall because of the premium features of 530s , it becomes a idol laptop of 2018. so purchase it and surely it will be a good experience.

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Both the laptops will be available on Lenovo exclusive store, chroma,e-zone, and reliance digital stores you can purchase them online too very soon. Price of Lenovo 330s is 35,399 indian rupees, Platinum grey

Blizzard white
Midnight blue

Iron grey are the available colors for 330s. Price start for 530s is 74,999 indian rupees, and the available colors for this one is onyx black, copper, liquid blue, and ineral grey.


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