Let’s See Who Is In List Of The Best CEOs Of 2018

List Of Best CEOs Of 2018

The United States, the world’s strongest country, according to both strength and business, Here you can see, suddenly, reaching a small company at the top, and a huge company falling on the ground. It has been a trend among employees and employers here to prove themselves better than others, and this attitude sets them apart from the rest of the world. Every year, they try to make themselves better, and apart from the company reports, Their performance reports keeps coming out in front of the world by different ways, and one of the major way from them is Comparably. Every year this organization publishes reports of the performance of companies and their associated people, and the latest report they published is Best CEOs Of 2018. In this list of Best CEOs Of 2018, many shocking names have been also included, so before knowing the names of the people involved in this list, Let’s first know about the basis of which the organization creates the report of Best CEOs…


Comparably organization did not make the list of Best CEOs through the judging of any jury, but they made it through votes of the employees of the company. Comparably divided the list of Best CEOs of 2018 into two new separate lists, the first one is top 50 Best CEOs of Large Companies, and the second list is Top 50 Best CEOs of Small / Mid-Size Companies. There is no requirement of any kind of nomination and fees for participating in this survey. But there is a rule for qualifying in this survey, and which is, in the list of Large Companies, only those companies can qualify, which have more than 500 employees and must have a minimum of 50 employee participants, and in the list of Small / Mid-Size Companies, only those companies can qualify which have less than 500 employees and must have a minimum of 15 employee participants. This survey is organized online at Comparably.com, In which, Employees of the Company answers some questions asked about their CEO, Every question has some certain points, on which basis the ratings of CEOs are decided. So that is the methodology behind this survey, now let’s know the name of Top 50 Best CEOs of 2018…

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List Of Best CEOs Of 2018

As I have already mentioned above, this list is divided into two separate parts, so here we will see both the lists separately, so let’s start the list of Top 50 Best CEOs of Large Companies.

Top 50 Best CEOs Of Large Companies


Name Of The CEO

Company Name

1 Satya Nadella Microsoft
2 Craig Menear The Home Depot
3 Sundar Pichai Google
4 Brad Smith Intuit
5 Brian Halligan HubSpot
6 Jeff Bezos Amazon
7 Bert Bean Insight Global
8 Alex Shootman Workfront
9 Marc Benioff Salesforce
10 John Legere T-Mobile
11 Lynn Jurich Sunrun
12 Timothy Cook Apple
13 W. Craig Jelinek Costco
14 Julie Sweet Accenture
15 Carlos Rodriguez ADP
16 Doug Mack Fanatics
17 John Van Siclen Dynatrace
18 Rami Elghandour Nevro
19 Elon Musk SpaceX/Tesla
20 Mike Morhaime Blizzard Entertainment
21 Bryce Maddock TaskUs
22 Cathy Engelbert Deloitte
23 Ed Bastian Delta Air Lines
24 Ryan Smith Qualtrics
25 Michael Dell Dell
26 Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase & Co
27 Dara Khosrowshahi Uber
28 Amy Zupon Vertafore
29 Harley Lippman Genesis10
30 Hubert Joly Best Buy
31 Andrew Cecere U.S. Bank
32 Reed Hastings Netflix
33 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
34 Steven Berglund Trimble
35 Mark Parker Nike
36 Bob Sulentic CBRE
37 Susan Wojcicki YouTube
38 Colin Doherty Fuze
39 Michael Sullivan Acquia
40 Daniel Schulman PayPal
41 Frederick Smith FedEx
42 Richard Fairbank Capital One
43 Arne Sorenson Marriott
44 Gene Hall Gartner
45 Gail Boudreaux Anthem, Inc.
46 Bruce Cerullo Nordic Consulting
47 Brian Roberts Comcast
48 Scott Wagner GoDaddy
49 Mary Barra General Motors
50 William McDermott SAP


So this the list of Top 50 Best CEOs of Large Companies and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella left everyone behind and occupied the no. one position, now let’s see who are the top 50 best CEOs of small and medium-size companies.

Top 50 Best CEOs Of Small And Medium Size Companies



Name Of The Ceo

Company Name

1 David Cancel Drift
2 Sameer Dholakia SendGrid
3 Giuseppe Incitti Sitetracker
4 Robert Wahbe Highspot
5 Gavan Thorpe Boostability
6 Mahe Bayireddi Phenom People
7 Ariel Cohen TripActions
8 Greg Besner CultureIQ
9 Bob Pritchett Faithlife
10 Whitney Wolfe Herd Bumble
11 Howard Brown RingDNA
12 Scott Wolfe Jr zlien
13 Brian Hartnack Archer Education
14 Brew Johnson PeerStreet
15 Nick Mehta Gainsight
16 Blake Murray Divvy
17 Steve Carlson ForwardLine Financial
18 Stephane Donze AODocs
19 Harry Glaser Periscope Data
20 Sean Kelly SnackNation
21 Alexander Austin Branch Metrics
22 Anindya Datta Mobilewalla
23 Cynthia Barreda NetCentrics
24 David Glass LHP Engineering Solutions
25 Timothy Harris Swift Navigation
26 Timo Rein Pipedrive
27 Francis Davidson Sonder
28 Erik Huberman Hawke Media
29 Christine Crane BoldLeads
30 Karl Mehta EdCast
31 Matt Westgate Lullabot
32 John Wise InvestCloud
33 Ryan Malone SmartBug Media
34 Zohar Dayan Wibbitz
35 Oleg Rogynskyy People.ai
36 Chuck Goetschel Rallio
37 Max Roper Appetize
38 Sam Shank HotelTonight
39 Robert Blatt MomentFeed
40 Anant Kale AppZen
41 Dustin Moskovitz Asana
42 Gleb Polyakov Nylas
43 Peter Swaniker Ximble
44 Steve Elliott AgileCraf
45 Alan Rich Chrome River Technologies
46 Brooke LeVasseur AristaMD
47 Christian Gormsen Eargo
48 Shafat Qazi BQE Software
49 Sarah Nahm Lever
50 Kylie Wright-Ford Reputation Institute


In the list of top 50 best CEOs of small and mid size companies, Drift company’s David Cancel Got the first place.

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So these are lists of top 50 best CEOs of 2018 and as you can see this year, most Indian CEOs have occupied the top positions in the list of large companies. And if you any questions regarding these lists and reports, you can ask us in the comments section.


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