The Manufacturing Of iPhone X Going To Start In India

iPhone x manufacturing in india Iphones manufacturing in india

So another good news yet to come very soon for smartphones users in India, And the good news is that maybe the manufacturing of iPhone X will be started in India from this year July. According to sources, the responsibility of manufacturing the iPhone X in India is given to Foxconn company which is a contract manufacturer for Apple and located in Chennai. Though the rumors about iPhone X’s manufacturing in India have been for a long time, but this time it is real because one of the spoke person of Foxconn own has confirmed this in a statement, in which the official said that,Foxconn will begin with the iPhone X (range) from the Chennai plant. The plans are to step up production capacity and diversify to even higher models going forward.”

“Sustained increase in manufacturing will depend on, among other factors, the continuation of a favourable incentive regime into the next government.

According to the news, the trials of manufacturing iPhone x already has been started from past few months and in future if everything will go through according to the plan so the production of this version of iPhone will start in India from this July. And if this will happen so iPhone X will become the 4th iPhone to be made in India. Earlier Apple had started manufacturing two iPhone, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE in 2017, and later started manufacturing of iPhone 7 in India too.

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Although there is a major difference in manufacturing between the last three manufactured iPhones and the manufacturing of iPhone X, and the difference will be the manufacturing company, where the last three iPhones were manufactured in one of the Apple’s contract maker company Wistron, located in Bangalore, the contract for manufacturing of iPhone X is given to Foxconn, a Taiwanese company based in Chennai. However both the companies are the contractor companies of Apple.

Well, the manufacturing of iPhones in India, is a good news for all Indians, but perhaps it can not meet the real expectation of the people of India for which the people were expecting, and that is the cut in the price of the iPhones. Because according to sources, At present, Apple is not thinking of cutting any iPhone price, rather Apple wants to earn more revenue from this deal.

So that is all about the iPhone X’S manufacturing in India. Hopefully now you know everything about the iPhone X’S manufacturing in India, but still, if you have any questions so you can ask us in the comments section.


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