Scarabee: The World’s First Military Vehicle Which Can Drive Sideways Like A Crab

Scarabee The World's First Military Vehicle Which Can Drive Sideways Like A Crab

Arquus, the subdivision of Swedish automaker company Volvo and French defense and security vehicle partner firm, designed a new armor vehicle for the French army. The special thing about this new Armor vehicle is, its front and back powered-wheels which can turn independently of each other and allows it to move sideways like a crab. This new Armored vehicle is named as “Scarabee”, which is French for “beetle.”

What Is Special About The Tires Of Scarabee

Normally, cars and trucks around us have only one degree of freedom in the sense of forward and backward, even turning a car 90 degrees is also a clearly forward movement. But this is going to change now, with Scarabee, Arquus revealed a new concept of the tire moving freedom. In this new concept of Arquus, there has not been much change in the quality of tires, but the changes that have been made are in the movement of tires. Like the normal military vehicles of its kind, Scarabee also has all-wheel drive, but unlike the other military vehicle, Scarabee’s back wheels can be turned independently of its front wheels.

Like a crab Scarabée can move sideways, It can not only overcome the “sidestep” obstacles on the road without losing forward momentum, but there is also a tight turn radius in it. And that is all because of its front and back wheels, which can be turned in the same directions, or can also be turned in opposite directions, according to the driver’s indication. As per the path and the conditions, the driver can turn all the tires in the same direction like a crab, Or the driver can move the frontside tires on one side and backside tires on another side.

One of the company spokespeople said, “That way you can approach the enemy without either turning your back to him or being full front on, but you could also drive crab-like behind a ridge, for example, and yet still have your roof-top gun with its limited turn radius pointing at the enemy,” to Popular Science.

Other Specifications Of Scarabée

Body And Design Of Scarabee

According to Arquus, the body of Scarabee is made of composite materials, and the body of Scarabee has been assembled in this manner, which makes it unaffected by gunfire, landmines, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), these qualities make it a long lasting weapon in war and conditions like war. Along with this, it can also face a short drop, because of which Scarabee can be unloaded normally by a parachute in an inaccessible area.

The height of Scarabee is six feet and it is fifteen feet wider. It is a four-seater vehicle which weighs 6.6 tons empty. The driver’s seat is in the center, from where the driver operates the Scarabee and all its techniques. Out of the remaining three seats, two-seat places behind the driver seat, which have been set up in such a way that the driver can easily see the rear view. The fourth and the last seat places behind the forward three seats positioned in the middle of the Scarabee cabin.

This armored vehicle has sliding doors from both sides, but the handle is only one, which is on the inside and that’s why no one can open it from the outside without the remote.

Engine And Speed

As I mentioned above, Scarabee is a lightweight military vehicle, due to which it is quite fast. It can run at 75 miles per hour, and it generates 60 horse-power per-ton of weight, which is three times more than Humvee. It accelerates very quickly, but in order to accelerate in that speed and generate so much horsepower, it needs two things primarily, the first 300hp diesel engine and the other 103hp motor. And it is necessary that both of these (engine and motor) work together, properly and at the same time. Both the engine and motor are in the back.

The range of the diesel engine can go up to 620 miles, while the electrical motor has below 10. However, are two batteries places the downside of the body to provide extra security from mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which would last for about six miles.


On the top of the Scarabee, various things can be placed such as Radar units, a 12.7mm heavy machine-gun turret, or a medium-range missile launcher, or a 30mm gun to fire anti-tank shells. All the feature or armor of this vehicle can be remotely controlled no matter whether it is on road or off road even beyond the line of sight of the operator. Along with this the along with this Arquus also want to develop drone technology which could help to inform the vehicle of the upcoming obstacles on its route.

Additional Trailer

Scarabee The World's First Military Vehicle Which Can Drive Sideways Like A Crab

A motorized, electric trailer has also been attached to Scarbee, which is capable of carrying an additional four ton of equipment. This trailer is also remotely controlled so that it can work independently even after being separated from Scarabée.

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So this is everything about the new French military vehicle Scarabée developed by Arquus and revealed at the Paris Air Show. Hopefully, today’s our article will prove useful to you. Still, if you any questions or concerns about Scarabée so you can share with us in the comments section.


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