Morse Code feature now available on your Mobile with Gboard

Google always bring new inventions for their users. And this time google launched the Morse Code language on Gboard. Gboard is an app which works in both operating systems Android and iOS. So now people can use morse language with English or Other language on their Android and iOS supporting mobiles with Gboard app.

Morse code on GboardWhat is Morse Code -: Morse code is a language which has only special characters dots and dashes.which used as alphabates. We can say its a special sign language. Morse code is specially works for those who want to share confidential data or for those who are suffering from disability. The Morse code language is invented in 1800s. Simple Dots , dashes symbols are the codes which used in Morse Code language. Person who dont have to time to write a full msg can use this feature. In the new technology of morse code language you have to put only special characters and symbols and they changed into words automatically. So it saves your time too.

what is morse codeTania Finlayson is the lead technician who worked with google and Gboard on this project. He is suffering from cerebral palsy. He selected for the research and now he satisfied with his work and with the feature. He published a blog and said

“Most technology today is designed for the mass market. Unfortunately, this can mean that people with disabilities can be left behind. Developing communication tools like this is important, because for many people, it simply makes life livable. Now, if anyone wants to try MorseCode, they can use the phone in their pocket. Just by downloading an app, anyone anywhere can give communicating with Morse code a try.”

morse code on mobile
How It works – Whenever you select the Morsecode option on your gboard app, only two symbols dot and dash appeared in keyboard area. And when you press them you will suggestions for your word, you can select the tight suggestion or you can type it by yourself. You have to make a full word by using only these two buttons. Like if you want to type letter ‘O’ than you have to press 3 dashes

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How to learn – Morse code language is useful for all people and its easy to learn it. The technical team made a training game for that where you can learn Morsecode language easily with fun.


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