The New Indian Application Namaste Vapor Chat Launched To Compete Whatsapp

At present Social media is the biggest platform or medium of chatting and sharing. People meet daily with their friends and known not physically but on social media and they does lot’s of gossip there. And that’s the reason there are so many different social media applications are available and WhatsApp is one of the best among others. But now a new application Namaste vapor chat launched to compete with whatsapp. Namaste vapor chat is also a chatting applications which developed in india by an indian company “Namaste Online Pvt. Ltd..

Like the other countries now India has also their chatting app. Namaste Vapor Chat is developed under the Make In India campaign and it is the new start by the indian company on social media platforms. “Namaste Online Pvt. Ltd.” Launched this application on 15 august on the occasion of 72nd Indian Independence Day and this made this release more special. Namaste Vapor Chat application has so many similar features with whatsapp like grouo chat, emozi, video, audio, pictures sharing, and It has so many different new features also.

So here we are sharing some features of “Namaste Vapor Chat Application.

1. You can read and you can enjoy important News and Other interesting contain and stories along with the chatting feature.

2. It gives you two different options for chatting. Firts one regular chat and the other one is Vapor chat.Namaste Vapor Chat applications

3. The regular chatting is something , “which users are doing for a long time with different kind of chatting apps.”

4. But the Vapor chatting option is special, it is like a confidential chat option because when you will use this mode for chatting, your messages will going to auto deleted after they would seen by the other person.

5. It offers you all the other important news, feeds and content in three different languages.

6. You can make and use Broadcast messaging, public groups and private groups for chatting.

7. The limit of group members in Namaste Vapor Chat app is higher than the others. You can add maximum 5000 people in both public and private groups.

8. You can create and publish any events with other users.

9. If you don’t want to show your mobile number to others so you can instead of showing your Mobile number you can show your Namaste Vapor Chat id.

10. The another one feature is that you can like or dislike any message in the group as per your choice.

11. In Namaste Vapor Chat app you can quit any public and private group without showing it to any member.

12. Like the other chatting Applications in Namaste Vapor Chat you can also share videos, audios ,images, emozis, stickers.

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So these are some important features of this app. After the launching there are more than 10,000 downloads of this app. You can download it for your mobile from Playstore. So enjoy the new application and send us your reviews and suggestions about it.



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