New Generation 128TB Memory Card Launched

Shanghai hosting the mobile world congress 2018 and witnessing some amazing future technologies. Sd association launched the highest storage memory card there. Sd association present their new memory card, which has 128tb Memory Card, which is the highest storage memory card ever. 2tb SDXC memory card was the highest storage memory card in the world before this one,SDXC 2tb memory card launched in 2010 with maximum data transfer rate of 624mbps

SD EXPRESS is the decided name for this one because of it’s data transfer speed, sd express the 128tb memory card can transfer your data with maximum data transfer rate of 985mbps, which is the highest by any memory card ever. This memory card works like a Hard-Disk or like a server which can store and transfer your data easily. And the another reason for using it like a hard drive is because There are rare no. of mobile phones which support 2tb memory card so its take some time for launching new mobiles which support 128tb.

Sd association, a association of approximately 900 companies (which set the standard of any memory card), are ready to launch this 128tb memory card soon with 5 different data transfer speed. 5 different data transfer rates are 985mbps, 624mbps, 312mbps, 104mbps, 25 mbps. Price for this card is not revealed this time but it would be higher, we can judge it because of rates previous memory cards.

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So a new era of memory card starting very soon. people who usually travels a lot or who wants all his data nearly will surely like this, professional photographer or people who love to record high resolution videos like 4k or 8k this one is the best option for you.


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