A New Update In Pubg : Venezia Map

Pubg is one of the fastest-growing games in the world whether it is pubg mobile version or pubg pc version, both of them are very liked by the people. Pubg has recently made another record and it becomes the first game to break the record of steam active player of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive game. And the reason for all of its success is to always bring new changes in the game and that’s makes the game interesting to the players. And in the sequence of changes, pubg team also ready to make another change, very soon they are going to add a new map in pubg, named Venezia Map. So let’s take a short introduction of Venezia Map…

What Is Venezia Map

A new map in pubg going to knock out named Venezia Map. The Venezia Map is very similar to the pubg Erangle map, which can be estimated from these pics. Like all other maps, this map is also based on a real location, which is the Venice city in Italy. As the city of Venice is decorated with small islands, bridges, and buildings, you will find similar experience on this map, especially the island. So far the format of the map has been made and according to that there are some hotspots locations such as Marwa, Castle, Main Square, Harbor are also included in Venezia map. At the same time, the location of some vehicles and weapons has also been displayed in the map.

New Venezia Map in pubg

At present, There is no complete official announcement of this map, so it is difficult to say which new vehicles and weapons will be available in it. But according to a private report, you will find Bicycle, Aquarail, and Vespa as vehicle option and you will get Beretta ARX 160, Benelli M4 (Shotgun), HK-911 (Under Water Pistol) as weapon option in this new map.

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As I already mentioned above that there was no any formal announcement by the pubg team about this new Venezia Map and that’s why its release date has not yet been decided. Also, there will be a doubt that where this new Venezia Map will be released first, for pubg mobile or for the PC version.? As per the last report the design and concept of the map has been completed, and this map has also been created by the creator of Nördheim Map (the upcoming snow map). Also, He is the first person who published information about Venezia Map on his Reddit account (@IamEzalor). However, if seen, Nördheim, which is a snow map has just been seen in the pubg trailer, has not yet been released and that creates an Apprehension of the release of Venezia Map.

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So let’s wait a little more for a new map in pubg, and hopefully, very soon we will get 2 new maps in pubg (Venezia Map and Nordheim Map) with the next update. And stay connected with us for further information about this and if you have any questions about this article, please share with us in the comments box.


  1. Okay but can someone confirm 100% that this is legit and not a concept map? The posts on Reddit about it are all from a user known as u/IamEzalor but some websites have been claiming it was made by a PUBG employee named James coreman. Looking at IamEzalor’s twitter bio states he is simply a fan of the game who makes concept maps. So unless PUBG hires IamEzalor to make the map or they steal it, It seems it will only be a concept.


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