New Version of Skype 8.0 launched with Call recording features

There are so many video calling apps are available but there are only few which are trusted and Skype is one of them. But only trust can not do all things , new changes are always important. And Microsoft owned Skype did not change or update their features since last year. But this time a new version , Skype 8.0 rolling out very soon in the end of july with some new features.

Skype 8.0 for mobilesThe information about this update published on the official blog of Skype. The new Skype 8.0 is coming with some new and some upgraded features. Company wants to improve their features capability and wants to give the best to their users with this new version. In the new version you can call in hd quality , no matter what device you are using you will experience the video calling in Hd resolution. The hd quality in calling is also works on screen sharing feature. In Skype 8.0 now you can use ‘@’ and mention anybody with their username in chat section. It makes easy to get touch with anyone personally in a group chat. The limit of the image,video or other data sharing is increase ,Now you can share maximum 300 mb data at once with new version of skype.The main features which is released with Skype 8.0 is call recording feature. Now you record any video audio call on skype. But there is a condition and that is whenever you Record a video call on skype , one message is also goes to the other person that the video is being recorded , and that things helps the other user. Company said that..

“Call recording is completely cloud-based, and as soon as you start recording, everyone in the call is notified that the call is being recorded so there are no surprises”.

Skype 8.0 for computers

Skype 8.0 has some other new features also , like chat gallery for every shared image or video. You can use private chat option for keep your chat private for a specific contact. The screen sharing and group chat feature is also upgraded with Skype 8.0 and now you can send a group link to any of your contact.

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Skype 8.0 is available for all Android , iOS and window mobiles and computers, ipad user can also use this new version. You can get the new version by update the older one or download new, if it is available for your device. So enjoy the New version Skype 8.0 from 1 sept 2018. And send us your reviews and suggestions.



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