Now Its Easy To Create The Gmail Backup

Gmail is one of the most usable service of google. At present Gmail serve more than 1 billion active users and it has 27% Email Client Market Share. Most of the Popular business leaders give priority to using Gmail instead of other mailing sites or apps. Many people are there who send all invoices and other receipts of their business by gmail and send or take order from Gmail, and because of that, some Hackers always set their eyes to these kind of business accounts. Although Gmail gives you a powerful 2 factor authentication security but after all these securities, it is not impossible for hackers to steal your details. So if you saved your important messages , passwords and documents on Gmail, it is a good idea to take the Gmail backup of all your information. It will safe your all information in an another place also, so someday if your account will hack you can survive easily with that situation. There are different different ways to take backup of your gmail account but i preferred these two …

1. Backup from Google’s Native tool option

2. Other Third party apps.

These are the best two apps for taking backup of your Gmail account, so let’s see how they works…

Backup From Google’s Native Tool Option

The first best thing about this procedure is there is no need to download any other software or app for taking your Gmail backup. Native tool is pre assigned option in your google account, and it is used for download your Gmail Backup on your hard drive and other storage disk. Usually the size of the Gmail data is large but native tool creates it in a Zip file so you can easily download it. Here are some easy steps mentioned which you have to follow for taking backup with the help of native tool…

1. Sign in with your Google account. Which is the main account of all your Google Services.

2. Now you can find a section of “Personal Info & Privacy,” and there is an option “Control Your Content,” click on that option.

3. Now an another section you can see “Download or Transfer Your Content”, and in this section click on “Download Your Data”.

4. After that click on “Create Archive”, and it takes you to an another page.

5. There are so many tools and options in the new page because it is your main account so data of all your Google linked account is here.Gmail Backup

6. You don’t need that other data so select the “None” option in the top first column and than go to the bottom and click on Option for Mail.

7. Now click on next and then you will be asked for select the file format which you want , ZIP or TGZ are the available options for you.

8. After selecting this you have to select the mode of receiving the data like on email, hard drive, cloud storage or etc. Then click on “Create Archive”.

And after that your data will start downloading. So it is the first and easier way for taking Gmail backup.

Third Party Apps

There are so many Apps are available in the market which easily create your Gmail backup. So some of them are …

1. Spinbackup
2. SysCloud
3. Vaultize
4. CloudAlly
5. Systool
6. GM Vault Backup
7. Upsafe
8. Backupify

So these are few App names which can create your Gmail backup easily.

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Apart from these two ways there are so many other ways like desktop email client , Outlook link etcm but i choose these two because doing them is easy for you. And after using these apps send your feedback to us.



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