Now Send Text from your computer With Google Android Message

guys as we all already use WhatsApp web feature many times, where we can use our Whatsapp on our desktop or laptop.
and the new feature of Google android Message is similar like this one. but its is not for any other social media platform ,but this one is for the text messages of your android phone.

as per the latest update, google launched their new web version for google Android messages. this feature will help user to send or receive his Android phone Messages on his computer.

according to google , with the help of this feature user can send or receive text messages,with emozis,sticker and user can also send or receive picture messages easily.
so here the process to access this feature..

so firstly if you want to use this feature on your computer. so you need to download and install Android messages web version on your computer . when you will open this app you will find a “Qr-code”, than you have to scan this qr code with your mobile, and after all you will connect with your computer screen, and you will able to send or receive text messages on your computer screen.

for scanning the qr code you need to go to your message app menu and you have to select message for web. and here is the short process to do this. this feature may launch in the end of next week. and after a short period you can access all the features of this web version.


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