Now Take The Backup Of Your Whatsapp Data On Google Drive Without Any Cost

At present from all over the world there are 1.5 billion people who are using WhatsApp and WhatsApp always bring something new for their users. And this time WhatsApp start a new service for their users with Google. So now there is nothing to fear about losing your WhatsApp data because WhatsApp team made a official deal with Google and now WhatsApp users can save their WhatsApp data on google drive without any cost. WhatsApp messenger will still create data backup on your internally storage. But that is not a secure method because you can loose your data by any reason Because there are lots of things which affects your internal storage.

Benefits of Backup in Google DriveĀ 

Better security at Zero cost is the main benefit for WhatsApp users. So if you’re planning to change your mobile or accidentally you have to do that so it’s hard to take your data backup instantly so on that condition the google drive backup helps you. With the help of this You don’t need to move the data or transfer the data previous storage to current storage option. You have to attach only your email id and restore your data to current device. Whatsapp and google both of made contract about this service and google is agreed to share Google drive’s backup without any cost and if you already using a plan of 100 gb storage in Google drive so don’t worry it would not take any space from that.
So there is a easy process to use Google drive for WhatsApp Data backup, and if you want to do that just follow these simple steps…
1. Open your WhatsApp and click on the three dots which appears on the top of the right corner.
2. After click on those three dots, you can see few options there now click on settings.3. After open the settings tab now click on the “Chats” Option.
4. Now click on the “Chat Backup” option and now set the time period first, whenever you wants backup to Google drive.
5. Now in next option select your Gmail id which you want to use for backup to Google drive.
6. Now select the Backup over, means from via (WiFi or Cellular mobile Data) you want to create whatsapp backup to Google drive.

After following these steps now you can set Google for backing up your all whatsapp data. It is become more important now because WhatsApp made an another statement also that WhatsApp remove all the Whatsapp data Backup after one year so google drive is the safe side for all user. The all facilities about space and cost will available for all users from 12 November 2018. So enjoy the service and send us your reviews about this service.


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