Now You can check Your train status on Whatsapp Messenger

It all started with the long queues on enquiry and tickets counters in railway platform and than grows up with 139 helpline, online ticket booking via website and than Official App of Indian Railways. So it’s technology which makes everything easier to us and it brings new upgrades continuously and the Latest example is that ” Now you can check your Train status on Whatsapp messenger ” and i don’t think that there is any way to make it more easier than this because using Whatsapp is become our daily habit and it’s like a normal messaging process to check your running train status.track train status

Make my trip and Indian Railways works together on it and now they are ready to provide the current status your train. And There are only few simple steps for check your train status on whatsapp messenger and here they are …

1. Save the mobile no . “7349389104” on your mobile contacts list.

2. Now open your Whatsapp messenger and refresh your whatsapp contacts.

3. After that whenever you wants your train status send your train no. On this mobile no.

4. Now you have to do wait for the two blue ticks of read receipt.

5. And when they read your message you have to wait only 10 second and you will get your train status.process of checking train statusBut there is only one problem that if the server is busy so it can take some more time. Otherwise you well get your train status quickly.

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This feature will reduce the extra lines from the enquiry counter and the extra traffic from 139 calling helpline. There are also some websites who does that for you but some of them are fake so sometimes it creates misunderstandings and problems so now you don’t have to worry about that because this feature gives you accurate information about your train status on whatsapp messenger.


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