Now You Can Record Gameplay With Your Android Mobile

A bunch of smart minds invent a new technology, and the other side an another smart mind invent the idea to use this technology for a different purpose. Social media platforms like fb, Instagram or video portal like Youtube are the perfect example of that, they all made for social gathering but know they are also become the source of earning for many users. And if we are talking about earning, Gameplay and Game reviews is the trending Earning sources now a days. I don’t think nothing is better than earnings from gameplay for a Gamer (who is good in playing virtual games). There no need be any expensive equipment or devices for gameplay, you can easily made a gameplay with your android mobile only. So before going for its procedure let’s find out what Gameplay actually is??


Gameplay is a previously played or currently running game’s video where a player shows his game to other and giving them a overview about the game. Gameplay is a perfect tutorial of any game. It played with all the rules , all the options and with all the characters of the game. Its shows the real way to play the game and share all the faults and plus points to viewers. The key factor which made game play so popular is experience because where in a game ,a new gamer feels that this level is hard to complete , so there gameplay helps and with the experience of the gameplay giver, the new gamer successfully complete the level. Most of the Game Developing companies supports gameplay because Game play is not only for hard games,it is also a option to promote a new game. so for that Developer collaborate with any famous gameplay giver and than both of they release a new gamelplay. A idol Game play shows all the real fun,experience, seriousness and success of the game.

Recording a GamePlay with your android mobile is very easy, you don’t need to download any other software for that. You can record your GamePlay with only google play games app which is already pre-installed in your android smartphone. If you did update it from a long time so update it for new and better options. And after that follow these easy steps….play games for game play

1. Open your Play Games Apps. Now select the game which you want to play.

2. click on that game and open the Page where all the info about the game.

3. Now You can see a Recording Icon on top the details page, click on that icon.

4. After the click it will ask for recording video quality which you want. 480 pixels and 720 pixels are the two available options there.set the pixel for gameplay

5. SO you can select one of them by your choice. It also show you that how much (duration in minute) you can record with each option, which based on your mobiles available storage.

6. Now Click on the “Launch” button and it will take you to the game.

7. you can see your front camera is on and ready to capture your face video from a corner and there are three options with it. One is for start or stop the Game play recording Second is for audio recording option and third one is for Enable or disable Front camera recording.

8. After the game play recording done you can stop it and it will auto save in your phone gallery. And an another option for sharing it online also available there.

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So this is the best and in-built process for recording Gameplay on your android mobile. But this works only for those android mobile who has android lollipop 5.0 and above version. So if that trick doesn’t work on your mobile , you can download third party apps like Du recorder , AZ screen recorder , Twitch , Vysor and etc.



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