How to Play Google’s Free Hidden Wimbledon Game

How to Play Google's Free Hidden wimbledon Game

Highlights: Today we will see how to play google’s free hidden Wimbledon game, which is a tennis game and hidden somewhere in google search.

We all know that Google always has some special and secret surprises for its users, whether they are secret apps, services or games. Especially in terms of games, Google always keeps surprising its users by providing Hidden Games, like when google hid Snake in Google Maps for April Fools Day or hid cricket in its Google Pay App. And to keep this trend continue, this time also Google has done something similar, and the game Google has hidden this time is a tennis game. And that’s why so that more and more people connected to Wimbledon.

Hidden in Google search, this tennis game is quite simple and fun in play, all you have to do is move your player left or right to hit the tennis ball. Although it seems a bit simpler, but it’s not so easy to defeat your opponent. So let’s go further and know how you can play Google’s hidden Wimbledon game on your computer…

How to Play Google’s Hidden Wimbledon Game On Your Computer

Here we are sharing some easy steps, so follow them to get and play google’s hidden Wimbledon game on your computer…

  1. Turn on your computer and make sure it connected with internet and then open any internet browser and open Google search.
  2. Now type ‘Wimbledon Score’ in the google search bar, then scores of all the previous and current Wimbledon matches will come in front of you. Look carefully because that tennis game is also hidden between these scores.
  3. Can’t find it, don’t worry let’s find it together. So on the search page, there is a dark purple bar, which lists options like Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles, now click and hold, then drag your mouse to the left, to reveal a yellow color’s tennis ball icon. You got the icon, now click on it.
  4. Now in the place you were getting tennis scores, you will find Google’s tennis game. Now to start the game click on the orange and white start button.

So that’s how you can start and play Google’s hidden Wimbledon game on your computer. Playing this game not a tough task, you just need to care about some points while playing this game.

Things You Have To Take Care Of While Playing Google’s Hidden Wimbledon Game

  • This is a small and entertaining game that is just a glimpse of the traditional tennis game which we play on real ground. In this game, you cannot hit the tennis ball out or anything. So you just have to take your player on the ball every time so that you can send the ball back to the Opponent.
  • You do not have to press the changing direction arrows repeatedly, you can easily change direction by press and hold the directional arrows.
  • Another thing you have to care about is that Google’s tennis game does not run by accordance with the laws of physics. It is not necessary that you will get the ball back from the opponent at the same angle on which you hit him. You can get the ball back at any random angle. So always be ready to take your player on every corner.
  • When you start getting more points in the game, then the speed of the game will increase, so until you score 10 or more, it will be a very frantic match. Maybe that you do not get noticed it in the beginning, but as the game goes on, you will understand this thing.

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So this is everything about Google’s hidden Wimbledon game, hopefully, now you know how you can play Google’s hidden Wimbledon game on your computer. But still, if you have any questions or concerns in your mind about this game so you can ask us in the comments section.


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