Pubg Announced The PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 With Prize Of 1 Crore Rupees

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 the biggest indian pubg championship

Pubg Game became popular in India in a very short time and that’s why there are so many players of the pubg game in India. And pubg also always keeps doing something new for their players and to continue with this sequence, this time Pubg team organizing a new PUBG mobile India series championship for their Indian Players. Although pubg has done the similar competition in 2018, which was a hit but this new PUBG mobile India series is bigger than that tournament and this tournament will surely help Pubg to establish in India more firmly.

Where in 2018, Only a few selected colleges and universities could participate in the campus championship of pubg It is not so in this PUBG Mobile India Series, Tencent Games has given every user of India an opportunity to participate in this tournament. So every Indian player can participate in this PUBG Mobile India Series, and there is one more interesting thing and that is There are no any charges to participate in this championship. So you can register your squad in this championship without any cost.

To participate in PUBG Mobile India Series, you will need a squad, you can invite your friends for this squad. There will be only 4 players in one squad, who have to compete with the other teams. There is just one rule to join the Squad, and that is, the level of all players participating in this tournament, is should be above 20, which is not a tough rule because people who are a regular player of pubg almost already cleared this level. As I mentioned above, this is the biggest pubg tournament of India till now, and it is not just because it has more players, but also because of its prize money, which is 1 crore rupees. Yes, it is difficult to rely on such a huge amount, but it is true that the prize money of PUBG Mobile India Series is Rs 1 crore, in which the winning team will get a price of 30 lakh and the remaining amount will be divided into runners up teams. Along with the amount, players will also get oppo Mobiles and some other gift hampers as prize.PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 the biggest indian pubg championship

The registration of PUBG Mobile India Series has already started, which will be open till 21st January. So let’s know how can we register our squad in PUBG Mobile India Series.

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How Can We Register Our Squad In PUBG Mobile India Series

In order to register your squad in this tournament, first you have to visit the Registration Page and then you will have to fill in some details, such as email id, name, password, etc.. Once you fill up all the details click on the Proceed option. After this, you will have to verify your email id and this will create your account in PUBG Mobile India Series. Now login to your account and click on “My Account” option, where you will get 2 options, first one is Join Squad and the second one is Create your squad. So if you are going to register your squad for the first time so you will have to click on create your squad option. Where you have to fill the name of your squad and some details of your squad. And once you created your squad, you will get a unique id of your squad, then you have to share this squad Id with the remaining 3 members of your Squad. The remaining members of the squad will now follow the same process, But where you click on Create your squad option, they have to go there with “Join Squad” option and fill out your shared squad id there. So that’s how you can register your squad on PUBG Mobile India Series. Now let’s know how this tournament will be played.

How PUBG Mobile India Series Will Be Played

So PUBG Mobile India Series is divided into 3 parts, the first is Qualifier, the second is PlayOffs and the third is Final. The Qualifier round will be held from January 21 to January 27. In this online round, you will have to play 15 classic rounds in the Erangle map with your squad, and from those 15 rounds, the jury will pick your best 10 rounds for your final result. And the result will be declared based on the kill count, rank, survival time, accuracy, etc.. After that it will know whether you have qualified for playoffs or not.

Playoffs are the second part of the PUBG Mobile India Series, which are divided into 3 different rounds. The first round of playoffs will be played between 10 and 15 February. The 2000 squads selected by the qualifier round will participate in this round, all 2000 squads will be divided into 100 groups according to 20 squads per group. After matches between teams of these groups, Only 4 squad from each group will get the place in the next round of playoffs.

The second round of playoffs will be held from 16 to 29 February, and in this round, qualified 400 squads from the first round of playoffs will be divided into 20 different groups according to 20 squads per group, where all the teams of these groups will compete with each other. And only the top 4 squads from each group will get the place in the 3rd and final round of the playoffs.

The third round of the Playoffs will be played from 21 to 24 February, in which 80 qualified squads from the 2nd round will be divided into 4 groups according to 20 squads per group. In this round, After the matches between these groups, only the top 5 squads will get the place in the finals. Grand Finale will be held in the starting of the March month, in which a last match will be played between these 5 squads, and the squads who will win in this match will become India’s best pubg squad and will also get the first prize of Rs 30,00,000.

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So without wasting your time just go and register your squad for PUBG Mobile India Series. I gave you all the required information but still if you have any questions about this PUBG Mobile India Series, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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