Pubg Mobile Season 3rd Recap Video Released

PUBG Mobile Season 3 Recap Video

In November 2018, Pubg mobile announced the release of its 4th season, with the end of the 3rd season as well. Like the previous 2 seasons, pubg’s 3rd season has been also satisfying for the players and successful for its developers. Both revenues and players of pubg grew faster, and the main contributors behind this success were its developers, who made many new changes to make Pubg Mobile Session 3 successful. Apart from fixing lots of bugs, in pubg mobile season 3rd, many new weapons and new vehicles were also added, but the biggest change in all these changes was the entry of “Sanhock Map” in Pubg mobile. Sanhock Map was already available in the PC version of Pubg, but for Pubg Mobile it was first released in season 3rd. Despite being smaller than both the old maps (Erangle and Miramar), this map was very much liked by players and it was because of ease of finding other players, new weapons, night mode, and new vehicles. And later the Sanhock map became the main reason for the success of the 3rd season of pubg mobile. And Now after the end of season 3, this season’s statics, like the previous two seasons, has also been introduced by the Tencent games with a pubg mobile season 3rd recap video, which you will find below on this page. Most of the statics in this video are connected to the sanhock map, and that is because the Sanhock Map is the biggest change of season 3rd which made season 3rd different from the older seasons. So before watching the pubg mobile season 3rd recap video, first let’s take a look on the revealed statics of Pubg mobile season 3…

Statics Revealed In Pubg Mobile season 3rd recap video

So here we are sharing all the Statics which Revealed In pubg mobile season 3rd recap video step by step…

1. At the beginning of pubg mobile season 3rd recap, you will find top 3 most landing spots of sanhok map. Which is Boot Camp, Paradise Resort and Ruins.

2. Now look at the QBZ rifle, the QBZ rifle is an assault rifle and it was included for the first time in the 3rd season, exclusively in sanhock map. In the 3rd season, 825,336,302 players were eliminated by this rifle, and it was used in 942,686,219 Chicken Dinners.

3. Another rifle the QBU which is a DMR type of weapon and available for only sanhock map, was the reason for the elimination of 38,546,051 players in 3rd season and also used in 92,076,076 chicken dinner.

4. The flare gun, which is rare gun, was fired more than 15,024,806 times in Season 3rd. That means a lots of players got the air drop in season 3rd.

5. In season 3rd, there were total 213,312,722 matches won in the night mode, means so many times players or teams got the chicken dinner at the dinner time(in game).

6. In the 3rd season total 121,036,593 casualties were trampled by oncoming vehicles.

7. In season third total 29,366,593 players achieved the sniper mastery achievement.

8. Now move to the next, and this one so amazing, so in 3rd season of pubg mobile, there were total 78,099,256 players are eliminated by PAN, isn’t interesting.

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So these are the statics which punished by the developer of Pubg mobile in the pubg mobile season 3rd recap video. And as mentioned above, here is the full pubg mobile season 3rd recap video, so watch it and if you have anything which you want to share with us, so we are waiting for you in the comments section.



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