Pubg Mobile Update 0.10.5 Now Released With New Weapons And…

New Pubg Mobile Update 0.10.5 Features

Pubg mobile has released their another new update, which is pubg mobile update 0.10.5. And regarding releasing this new pubg mobile update 0.10.5, we had already given you information in one of our previous article, and in that article, we also shared some new features with you that were likely to be released with this new update. And out of those of our stated features, many features have been released with this update. So let’s know once again, what new features we will find with this new pubg mobile update 0.10.5, which will make this game more interesting.

New Pubg Mobile Update 0.10.5 Features

So this new update of pubg mobiles, pubg mobile updates 0.10.5 released with so many new features, Although a feature which everyone was waiting for, Zombie Mode did not get placed with this update, but don’t get hopeless maybe this mode can be seen in the next update of pubg. So before that let’s see what new features will you will get in pubg mobile update 0.10.5 …

MK47 Mutant Assault RifleMK47 Mutant assault rifle in pubg mobile update 0.10.5

MK47 Mutant assault rifle is a new weapon, which you will find with PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.5. This is the same rifle which was supposed to be released with PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.0 earlier, but that time it was on testing mode so that’s why it released now with this update. The MK47 Mutant assault rifle is a 20-round magazine capability rifle, which fires 7.62mm rounds. This title has two different modes Single mode and Brust Mode. After this update, you can find this rifle in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok map.

Stable Version Of Vikendi Map

Although, Vikendi map was already released with the previous update of pubg mobile, but when we used to make room at the beginning of this game, at that time we only found 3 maps there Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok map. We did not get the vikendi map there, because by that time this map was not fully stabled in pubg game. But in this new Pubg mobile update 0.10.5 this problem has been solved, now after this update in the time of creating a room, you will also find the vikendi map there in the options with other maps.

Classic Voice

After few of the previous updates, where the classic voice feature was removed from this game, with this new Pubg Mobile update 0.10.5, the classic voice feature was once again included in this game. After completing this update, you will be able to enable this feature by going into the settings of this game. And then you can chat with your friends or squad in some new classic voices.

Laser SightLaser in in pubg mobile update 0.10.5

A new feature of Laser Sight has been added in PUBG mobile update 0.10.5, which we also told you in the previous article. It is a lower rail attachment, it reduced the spread when firing from the hip. After this update, you will be able to find this feature in all maps.

Royale Pass Season 5

You will also find Royale Pass Season 5 in pubg mobile update 0.10.5, in which you will find many new Rewards like premium outfits and taunting emotes. Many new skins, masks, and cosmetics have also been added to make this season more interesting. A clip of this Royale Pass Season 5 has also been launched, in which this season is named as shadow vs. Force.

Other Changes In New PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.5

So these are the main features that you will find in PUBG mobile update 0.10.5, but beside from these, there are few features and improvements also which will make your pubg experience better, so let’s know which other changes you will get in pubg mobile update 0.10.5…

  • Enable And Disable option for Spawn Island in Pubg game settings.
  • Ranked Mode Season 5 with so many new rewards.
  • Vikendi Map’s resource refresh (type and quantity) has been tuned.
  • Model for Swimmer Sandals now updated with this new pubg mobile update.
  • Another old feature Share For Deals is now back.
  • Clan benefit sharing now tuned.
  • Avatar display of Crew Challenge winner now improved and adjusted.
  • New and effective improvements have been done in Pubg Shop.
  • Now you can access the supplies from the Main menu of the game.

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So these are the features, which you will get with today released Pubg mobile update 0.10.5, as we know many of the features which we expected did not release with this update, but surely in the next update, you will get those. And still, if you have any questions and doubts about this new Pubg mobile update 0.10.5, you can ask us in the comments section.

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