PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0 Released With Zombie Mode And Moonlight Mode

Finally, the new update of pubg mobile 0.11.0 was released, which has users waiting for a long time, and the reason due to people eagerly waiting for this update is “Zombie Mode” which is included in this update. Since the contract between resident evil and pubg team in an award function last year, mobile users were waiting for Zombie Mode in the mobile, but after passing so many previous updates, the zombie mode has been launched with But after the last several updates of pubg mobile, this new update has been launched with this pubg mobile update 0.11.0. In addition to Zombie Mode, there are much more new and surprising changes you will experience in pubg mobile update 0.11.0, so let’s know about this pubg mobile update 0.11.0 and its features.

Pubg Mobile Update 0.11.0

Users have been waiting for pubg mobile updates 0.11.0 for a long time, in this exchange they had to face rumors of releasing this update several times, but eventually, this update was released this time. Although many users who knew about this update and were too quick to play it, have already played pubg mobile update 0.11.0 with its beta version, before the official release, and after being successfully tested in beta version, this new update has been released in the stable version. This new 0.11.0 update of pubg mobile, has been released together on both Android and iOS platforms. And in this Stable version, a lot of new changes have been made in accordance with the needs of users, so without wasting extra time, let’s take a look at all the new features of pubg mobile update 0.11.0…

What’s New In Pubg Mobile Update 0.11.0

So as I already mentioned above, in this new update of pubg mobile there are many more new features along with zombie mode, so here is everything you will get in this new pubg mobile update 0.11.0…

Zombie Mode

Zombie Mode is the most popular and most anticipated feature of pubg mobile update 0.11.0, users have been waiting for this mode for a long time. And finally, this new update of pubg mobile will get you this new zombie mode. This zombie mode is released in the name of Survive Till Dawn, and this mode is only available for a short time. In this new mode, you will also fight with zombies, for which some new rewards have also been released. In addition to zombies, you will also find Bosses and some outfits from the Resident evil 2 game in this update.

Themes And Music

To give this new pubg mobile update a full resident evil look, a new resident evil theme and music has been also added in the game menu.

Personal Space

In Pubg mobile update 0.11.0, a new feature named as “Personal Space” has been added. In this personal space, you can the player’s information and their connection details.

Sanhok Map In Arcade

After the release of this new pubg mobile update, now you will be able to select the sanhok map for quick match.

New Titles

In this new pubg mobile update 0.11.0, two new title “#1/100” (permanent) and “Survivor” (time-limited) have been added.

Moonlight In Vikendi

In this new update of pubg mobile, a new Moonlight feature has been added to pubg’s snow map Vikendi, which will allow you to play games in the vikendi map in night mode.

Double The Ammo

After this new Update, SMG and Assault Rifles War Modes now start with double the ammo.

So these are some of the major new changes that you will find in Pubg mobile update 0.11.0, in addition to these features, some other improvements have been also done in this new update, such as bug fixing and redesigning houses in vikendi map etc. So now let’s know How to Download Pubg mobile update 0.11.0…

How to Download Pubg Mobile Update 0.11.0

Like the previous pubg updates, you can also download this new update easily, To download it, you have to go to the Play Store and App Store of your mobile, search Pubg Mobile there, and update the app. This update will take 493MB data and after the downloading process completed open the app. Once the game starts, it will again ask to download an internal file of 12MB, so download it. After the downloading, the game will be closed automatically, then restart it and then you can enjoy all the new features of this new pubg mobile update.

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So that’s how you can download Pubg mobile update 0.11.0, and after Download Pubg mobile update 0.11.0 make sure that you will play Survive till Dawn mode because it will end very soon. So this is everything you need to know about this new pubg mobile update, hopefully, you have understood everything but still, if you have any questions about the how to download pubg mobile update 0.11.0 or its feature, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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