PUBG New Update Patch 20 Releasing very soon

In the starting of this month PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team announced about their new development project plan called “FIX PUBG.” And with this project they want to fix all the bugs and issues of PUBG user. And now the result is ready for coming with the new updates of PUBG. PUBG team’s ready to roll out their new update patch 20 for pc. There are so many bugs in PUBG which developers fix with this update and along with that there are some new weapons and new features also coming up. So let’s take a short introduction of new weapons of PUBG.

Beryl M762PUBG Talk wid tech

Beryl M762 is the new 7.62mm assault rifle featured with this new update patch. It available in all three maps Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok map. It is the secondary option of AKM. But there is a difference between both of them and that is AKM has the higher rate of damage per bullet in the comparison of Beryl M762, But Beryl M762 has the higher fire rate, it can load upto 30 rounds in once. And that’s the reason this is the perfect options of AKM. It has upper and lower rails and that’s why you can attach scopes and grips easily.


Scooteris the new option for ride in PUBG but it is available for only Sanhok map , where it replace the motorbikes. No matter it is slower than the motorbikes but now motorbikes will no longer available in Sanhock map.

So these are the new weapons and vehicle which coming with the new update of PUBG. Along with the bugs fix and new vehicle and weapon there is also a new feature coming with this update and it called Cheating report.PUBG talk wid tech

Cheating Report

With this new feature now you can report any player, if you think that one of your team’s player or other team’s player doing cheating so you can report about the. After you Reported there is a developer team who search about your report and than take the decision. You will also get the full details about your report with reported player’s name.

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So these are the main features which coming up with the new update 20 patch of PUBG. Tukshais is the another featured applicatiom which can come with this update but it is not sure may be it comes in sept. And also the update 20 patch may be also released on 23 August but there is no any official statement given by the developers team. So download the new update and send us review about them.



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