PUBG Release their new update with Dynamic Weather and Bullet penetration system

PUBG Interface

The level of PUBG:PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds increasing day by day and that makes a challenge for the developers also to provide the best to the players. With every new updates the level of expectations goes too high, because players always wants something new. And this time with the new update patch#19 for PC comes with some new and interesting changes. Apart from few small changes, there are two major changes done by the developers team , one from them is about the gaming interface and the other one is about the rule of attack and damage. So let’s start first with the changes in the gaming Interface. So with the new update patch #19 PUBG bringing back one of their old feature called ” Dynamic Weather system .” Last time when this dynamic weather feature released the gaming display is not capable to support it so the developers team shut it down but this time it all set and PUBG developers team ready to release this new update with their two new maps “Erangle” and “Miramar”.

Dynamic Weather System – Dynamic Weather system is a new auto Weather changing feature which includes two new weather foggy and the rainy. So while playing on the Erangle and Miramar map now

PUBG Dynamic weather

players can face the rain and fog Weathers and company sure about it that the new weathers makes the battle very interesting.

Along with new weathers there are few more changes done by developers team in the maps, like now players can enjoy the view

of sunrise and sunset view on the Erangle map. There are some changes with the small houses and the edges of river in the map also. With this new update now you can see more trees in open area of the map. The other different maps also got some changes like about the area houses and about the count of roads. So overall the new updates comes with lots of interesting changes in maps.

Now about the other changes about the damage rules, so now with the new update patch #19 PUBG released their new Bullet penetration system. With Bullet penetration system the body parts of the players divided separately based on the attacks. In this system if in a battle someone shot on your head and you blocked your head with your forearm so the damage will count as the headshot damage And if the other player shot only on your forearm so the damage will count as only forearm damage. In simple words if there is any sensitive o Bullet penetration systemr vulnerable body parts behind your forearm so the damage will count for the parts which protected behind your forearms and if there is no any sensitive or vulnerable parts behind them so the damage count for the forearms only. Head, Torso, and Waist are the only parts which including in bullet penetration systems. Means only these parts count as the vulnerable parts. And with that there is an another part which says that forearm penetration is not works on shotguns.

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So these are the major changes which comes with the test update patch #19. The PUBG team announced that in this new updates they sorted the maximum problems which suggested by most of the users and they fix most of the bugs also and along with them there are some new UI tweaks also coming with this new updates. So enjoy the new PC update patch #19 and send us your reviews and feedback.



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