New PUBG Update 22 Released For PC With Anti Cheat System

Pubg update 22 released

After the long waiting period, now the new PUBG update 22 released for pc. On this Thursday means today it will available for all the PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS) pc users. Players have to face 5-hour maintenance downtime For the new PUBG update 22.

There more than 400 millions of people in this world who plays PUBG and most of them are using PC for playing PUBG and all of them are waiting for new PUBG update 22 . It’s not only about new features but a new update also comes with the solution of old bugs. And you can witness it also with this version. There are also some changes done with maps and skins and the one major changes they have done is allow Anti-Cheat System. So lets a take short introduction about what new changes happen in new PUBG update 22 ….

What’s New in PUBG Update 22

There are lots of new things which added with this new update and Anti Cheat System is the biggest one from all of them so let’s find out together what is Anti Cheat System and what other new features are released?

Anti Cheat System

Anti Cheat System is already introduced with the previous version by the developers. But last time players faced so many difficulties with the Anti Cheat System. But now the version of anti-cheat comes with all the new functions. This time developers made anti Cheat System so easy to use, they fix all the bugs like compatibility issue and others. So after the PUBG update 22 when you start the game, it will ask for allowing to or enable the Anti Cheat System and you can allow it easily by clicking on the checkbox.

It also gives the option for disabling the anti-cheat system, so if you face any problems after enabling the anti-cheat, you can disable it easily from settings. The reason behind live anti Cheat System to servers is testing the system and once the developers sure about its performance, it will work permanently and then you will not suppose to disable it.

MiniMap And Map Selection 

With Pubg update 22 Now players allow to further magnify the MiniMap. An old option of map Selection also coming with this new update and with that you can select a map by yourself and as per your choice.

Wheel MenusNew Pubg Update 22 Released with Wheel Menus

Wheel Menus, the name is perfectly suited to this feature. Because with this feature you will get a quick wheel-shaped menu for instant selection of items which you want to use. Now you don’t need to enter in the inventory every time for select the item.

G / F1: For Throwables items
~ / F2: For Heal/booster items
F4: For Emote

These are the default keys for wheel menus with different options. Once you open the wheel menu you can shut it down by the right click from the mouse. So these wheel menus help you to play PUBG with quick attacks.

Rank System And LeaderboardNew Pubg Update 22 Released with Rank system

Now you can see some new changes with the Rank system and Leaderboards. After PUBG update 22 when you start the game you can see a new rank System. Total 8 ranks are decided for this version and you have to earn ranks points for getting the ranks. The points are decided for each rank. There are some other changes in leaderboard also, so now you can see performance leaderboard up to 100 ranks.

Player Order Consistency

With this new update developers decided that the order of the players in between the lobby and the game is now consistent and because of that the players will have fixed colors and the numbers as same as the lobby.

Region Renewal

After Pubg update 22 now System will decide the player’s region automatically by itself and that is based on the player’s local region. I know now you think that what will happen when a group starts a game and one or two of them are from another region, so in that condition, the game will guide you and it will select the perfect region automatically.

Friend UI

With the new PUBG update now you can now enjoy an easy interface, where you can easily see the disconnection or log out of your teammates or friends.

Fix The Old Bugs

Every update or version comes with lots of bugs and then the developers release the other new version for fix the old bugs. And Pubg update 22 also fixed most of the old bugs like DBNO PLAYER wall penetration, Sliding Fix, Armed animation, Camera bugs, report spamming. These are only a few names there is a full list of bugs which developers fixed with this new update.

So these are few important and new changes happened after PUBG Update 22 and with these features, there are some other features also parts of this update like skin trade system, nickname hide feature, performance improvement.

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Hope now you know that what is new in Pubg Update 22 and how to use them. And if you have any queries and questions about this article, you can freely ask us via mail or you can write down in the comment box.


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