How To Run Chrome Operating System From USB Drive

How To install Chrome Operating system from a USB Drive

Google Chrome OS is the newest operating system which gives us some cool features, access, and a user-friendly interface. Google released this operating system with their own computing device Google Chrome Book. Chrome Operating System officially launched for only Chromebook device but there are only a few people know that it can be used on other computers and laptops and the benefit is you don’t have to uninstall your currently running operating system. I know now you’re thinking that how can we install two operating system together?? So the answer is “VIA USB”. Yes, we can install Chrome operating systems on our computers via USB drive. But first, you need to know that this is not an official way to do it because there is no any official way to run Chrome Operating System in other computers except Chrome Book. But thanks to some smart minds who find the way to install it via USB in all Linux, MacOS, and Windows computers.

So we need only two things for installing chrome operating system on our pc first one is a running computer and the second one is a pen drive with 4 GB Storage, the pen drive should be empty because System automatically erases all your data at the time of booting the new operating system. And after getting both of these things you just need to follow some easy steps which we mention below…

How To Install Google Chrome Operating System

Step 1

First, you need a bootable image of Chrome OS so Download the image of latest chrome Operating system version. It will not available on the official website so you have to download it from other sites.

Step 2 

Now you have the zip file of the image of Chrome OS now extract the Zip file with Zip Extractor software. You can use any Zip Extractor software which compatible with your running operating system.

Step 3

After that attach the USB drive to your pc and move your all important data to other drives and format it.

Step 4

Now use the image burn software to install the ISO image to the USB drive. There are so many different image burn software available for Windows, Linux and MacOS you download one as per your choice.

Step 5

After download the image burn software, now open it and browse the new unzip image and attach it to the software.

Step 6

Now select the drive where you want to boot the chrome Operating system, so select the USB pen drive there.

Step 7

Once you select both image and drive click on the given option for burn the image and wait till it completed.

Step 8

After the process complete now your Pen drive is ready to be used as chrome operating system. So for the installation restart your computer but don’t eject your pen drive.

Step 9

Now when it’s going to restart Open the Bios setting and select the Boot option on your (Windows, Linux, and MacOS) device to install new OS.

Step 10

After open the boot settings option select the USB drive option there. Now you can use the latest version of the Chrome operating system on Computer.

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So this is the easy process to install chrome operating system in your computer via pen drive and without uninstalling the running operating system. It works on all Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems and it doesn’t affect your hard drives. And if you face any problem in installation process please write down to us.


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