Want to Earn $125k? Just Sell Your Face to Humanoid Robots

Want to Earn $125k, Just Sell Your Face to Humanoid Robots.
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What will be your reaction, if a company tells you that they want to make a robot of your face? I know that all of us will be shocked to hear this, and many of us will also give our permission for this. And what if that the company is willing to give you money for this as well, and that too not a little money but $ 125,000? I know, you must not be taking this thing very seriously, but believe me, it is absolutely true. There is an Additive manufacturing company, Geomiq, which is asking for volunteers to send in photos of their face to be considered for a new line of humanoid robots. And In exchange, they willing to give about $125,000.

Geomiq is a London based additive manufacturing and machining startup, a few weeks ago the company published an article on their blog about their this face search program. The interesting thing that comes up from their blog is that Geomiq isn’t real manufacturer behind this robotics project, they’re only giving finishing touches to a state-of-the-art humanoid robot. According to them are working for a mysterious company, which is looking for a “kind and friendly” face for its upcoming robots.

In the blog post, Geomiq mentioned that “A few weeks ago we were approached by a robotics company asking if we could help it with the finishing touches of a state-of-the-art humanoid robot it’s been working on. Details of the project are scarce due to a non-disclosure agreement we’ve signed with the designer and his investors, but this is what we do know.”

As I mentioned, the biggest requirement of the company regarding the face is that “the face that the robot gets should look kind and friendly”. According to the company, such faces have been demanded because the robot that gets this face will act as a virtual friend to the aged and needy people, and it will be better, that they are friendly looking so that people can get attached to them quickly.

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This mysterious robot manufacturer company is trying to keep its information safe from people, many details related to the company are not known yet. The company has not yet revealed in which field the robots will be working, however, according to the information received so far it seems that the company will deploy its robots in a service area such as a hospital, etc. According to the designer working with the company, the project has been in the development of these robots for five years and has since been invested by several independent vice-chancellors. And apart from this, it has also taken an investment from a top fund based in Shanghai. The Project is set to go into production next year.

When the company spokesperson was asked why information about these robots was being kept so secret, then the company stated that the need for anonymity is due to the secret nature of the project. However, it is believed that this robot will soon become ‘easily available to the public’ and the company also expects that the robot will be a subject of additional discussion before its final release.

When the company was asked about the face requirements and the reward, they said, “Obviously, this is not our usual remit of request, which is why we’re making this public appeal to try and find the right person. The designer knows that this is a big deal, and has agreed on a fee of $125,000 to license the rights to the right face.” At least, It is a good thing that the company realizes that it is a big decision to allow their face to be used by someone else.

In this conversation, the designer has also given a message to all the hopefull participants that even though we are not able to release a lot of details in this initial phase, but the candidates who make it through the next phase will get complete details about the project. This means that if your face is selected, you will get complete information about this project before further processing.

If you have come to the end after reading all the information, then it is expected that you are interested, and if you are interested, then mail your face photo to the email id given below.

[email protected]

The participants who will be selected for the next phase of this project, the company will contact them, but those who are not selected will not receive any kind of information. So good luck to you from our team. And still, if you have any questions regarding this project you can ask us in the comments section.


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