How To Send Pre Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android

How to send schedule WhatsApp messages

Whatsapp, which is currently world’s most popular messaging service provider, gives us so many features but still, there are so many features which Whatsapp users are waiting for, and one of the important features from those features is WhatsApp schedule messages feature. At present Whatsapp is the biggest instant messaging service to be used all over the world, through which we can quickly send messages, videos, photos and documents, but still, WhatsApp doesn’t give us the feature to send them automatically as per schedule. Now I know you are thinking that if WhatsApp doesn’t provide us Whatsapp schedule message feature so how can we use it? So don’t worry, there is another way to use this feature and that is third-party apps.

There are so many apps available on the play store for Android users With the help of which, WhatsApp schedule feature can be used easily. With the help of these apps, you can set any photos, videos, messages, or document to be sent at an exact scheduled time. Suppose your friend’s birthday tomorrow and you have to wish him, but you are unable to do so because of any emergency office work, so what would you do in such a situation? So in a condition like this, you can use these WhatsApp messages scheduling apps, So in a condition like this, you can use these messages scheduling apps, So that the birthday wishes will be automatically sent to your friend through your WhatsApp messenger on that particular day and at a scheduled time.

However, there are so many apps available on play store which provides us this service but among them, the best app for WhatsApp schedule message feature is “SKEDit Scheduling App. So let’s know first what exactly SKEDit Scheduling App is and how can we use this app…

What Is SKEDit Scheduling App 

SKED is a free message and calls scheduling Android app, which not only gives you the ability to schedule WhatsApp messages but also offers you the option of scheduling emails, Facebook, SMS and calling. Through this app, you can send scheduled messages to many of your contacts in a single day, but you have to keep in mind that the time of all the messages is different. With the SKEDit app, you can send not only messages but you can also send documents, pictures, and videos at a pre-scheduled time. So that is SKEDit Scheduling App, now let’s know how we can use this WhatsApp schedule messaging app and how we can send schedule WhatsApp messages…

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How To Send Schedule Messages On Whatsapp Via SKEDit Scheduling App

So to send schedule messages on Whatsapp with the help of SKEDit Scheduling App, you have to follow few easy steps, which I shared below…

1. Open play store on your android mobile and search for “SKEDit App“.

2. After downloading and installing it, open this app and sign up.

3. You can sign up for this app by two different methods, first by filling your details such as name, mobile no. Email id etc or you can sign up by just use One-Touch Facebook register option.

4. After creating your id, select any service like Email, Calling, SMS, Facebook or Whatsapp, in which you want to send scheduled messages.

5. So if you select WhatsApp, it will ask you for giving access to this app, so give by sliding the toggle.

6. Now it will bring you to the next page, then select the contact and write your message which you want to share.

7. After writing the message, set the scheduled date and time.

Now you do not need to do anything, you just wait, this app will send your message automatically at the scheduled time. So as I already said this is a very easy process to use this app but still, there are a few points you need to take care of, so let’s see which they are…

Things You Need To Take Care Before Sending Schedule Messages On Whatsapp – So there are few points you need to take care of before sending schedule messages on WhatsApp via SKEDit app, so here they are…

1. Screen Lock – So before sending schedule messages on WhatsApp via SKEDit app, you have to disable your screen lock, because this app can to able to send schedule messages if your phone is locked. So if you schedule any messages for send, don’t forget to disable your screen lock first.

2. Battery Saver – Another thing which can affect on this app is Battery Saver or Battery Optimization. Battery Saver or Battery Optimization can stop SKEDit from sending messages on correct time. So don’t forget to disable your Mobile’s Battery Saver or Battery Optimization feature before sending schedule messages on WhatsApp.

3. Same Time – As I already mentioned above that you can not schedule multiple WhatsApp messages which belongs to the exact same time because this app is not compatible with that. So before scheduling multiple WhatsApp messages keep that thing in your mind.

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So these are the things which can affect the features of this app. Now you how to send schedule messages on WhatsApp and other platforms. So now this conversation is going to end here, but still, if you have any questions about sending schedule WhatsApp messages, you can ask us in the comments section.


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