Finally Siri Got A New Friend Who Can Speak Like Her

Siri Assistant is one of the best and smart Services of iOS, it does not work like any robot or machine, it works as a specialist, an assistant, and a friend. And this time Siri has just got a new friend who can not keep all the information like Siri, but, can speak like her and talk like her. I know this sounds a little strange to you, but it’s true, an artist from the United States, Baltimore, CAZ is an expert at talking in Siri’s voice. CAZ a.k.a.HAZMATCAZZ is an upcoming rapper and as well as a producer, but at present, she is not so famous for his professional skills, as she became due to her new mimicry talent.

This Talent of CAZ came in front of people for the first time via Twitter, where one of his acquaintances Erin posted a video of her on his Twitter account @Erinie_DaBest, in which she was speaking in Siri’s voice. This video became very popular as soon as it became public on Twitter, many likes and comments were started on this video.

In comments, where some people were praising Caz for her mimicry talent, on the other side, some people were believing that this video is “Fake” and “Dubbed”.Sounds like siri Assistant

And for those who were saying this video dubbed and fake, Caz herself published a new video on her Twitter account @HAZMatCAZZ, in which she again spoke in the voice of Siri, and this video quickly became more viral than the previous video. And with that Caz also did a tweet, in which she said that “For everyone saying that I’m faking the Siri you hear in the background is me being previously recorded on someone else’s phone and my friend asked me to do it again,” she tweeted. “I’ve always has a good speaking voice it just came naturally to me one day and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Since the two videos have been viral, many people began searching Caz on the Internet. After that in the next morning, Caz post another tweet and in which she said thank you to all the people and told that she is happy. She also mentioned that she never wanted to be famous because of her this talent.

So hopefully, one day she will be famous because of her real talent and profession. So if you have any questions about this article, you can ask us in the comments section.


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