Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker Full Featured Review

Sony, a brand which always brings something new for their users, launched their new audio device Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth Speaker. The sony brand tag makes the speaker valuable and special, so let’s see what’s the reality. Here is a short review of Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker.

sony speaker

Design and LooksSony SRS-XB41, a portable speaker which is covered with a good peice of fabric. A tight and transparent fabric makes the Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker impressive. The LED lights on the speaker you can see when the speaker is on. The lights are in the middle and they react as per the music. Led light are looks like the eyes of the speaker, you can control their reaction by using sony music center app. Side panels are also decorated with RGB lighting. Different colors of lights gives a amazing look to the side edges. In the middle part of the upper side of Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker made with rubber. Volume increase and decrease, play and pause and the live buttons are well settled on rubber part of the upper side. In the left rear side there is a Small drawer which hides charging jack, audio jack, and other usb ports.
The wrost part is that, Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker is so heavy as a portable device. 1.5 kg is the weight of the speaker, carrying it anywhere is possible but not as much easier than other Bluetooth portable device. 32.2×13.3×18.7 cm is the measurements of the speaker which is good size.

sony speaker

Connectivity – Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker has a good range of Bluetooth connectivity, it streaming with NFTM connectivity which makes it simple and more easier to connect with the other device. 3.5 mm audio jack and one usb and one micro usb port are the other options for connecting devices. An add button given on the rear side panel and with the add button you can add more devices with Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker to feel the streo sound. You can add upto 100 wireless speaker with wireless party chain and enjoy the theatre mode. So connectivity of Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker satisfied you.


Sound Performance – Sony SRS-XB41 featured with 5.1 speaker system. Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker can satisfy you with their loud sound but when you decrease the sound it is not as much good as you expecting. Bass of the speaker can impress you, sound of the drum and chuckles are clear and loud. If you want to enjoy the best sound from the speaker you have to download sony music center app, It has different type of music modes which gives you a perfect balanced music. You can also change the lightning via this app. Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker listed on ip67 it means it is waterproof and dustproof so you can enjoy the sound without any fear of water and dust. So SRS-XB41 Speaker gives you a Good quality sound with different modes of music.

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So overall a good quality speaker is there for you. Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker is good option for house party too. In the dark the lightning feature of SRS-XB41 gives you amazing view. Price of Sony SRS-XB41 Speaker is 16,990 with one year of manufacturer warranty.


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