How To Save Your Email Id From Getting Unwanted Emails

How To Stop Getting Unwanted Emails

Mail services should be used for personal and professional work, and it was also created for this reason, but now the service is being used mostly for advertisements. Whenever we log in to our Email id, we receive many such Emails which are not useful for us, and most of these emails are related to any product, any policy or any new update. Even we are not interested in getting these emails but still, we get them, And often, between these emails, we miss our personal and professional work emails, which also cause us to suffer later. Many people delete these emails every day so that they can only have emails related to their work in their mailbox, But this is not a permanent solution, because today you will remove these emails, and tomorrow you will get these emails again, and the process will continue. But don’t worry, there is a way to stop these unwanted emails forever, so let’s know how to stop unwanted emails…

How To Stop Getting Unwanted Emails

So to stop getting unwanted emails, You have to unsubscribe the sender and to do that you need to follow few steps which I mentioned below…

1. Log in to your mailbox.

2. Now click a Sender Mail You want To Unsubscribe Mails From That Site.

3. After opening the mail, go to the bottom of the mail, and you will find a line there which says that “Click here if you want to Stop Receiving Mails from this sender or unsubscribe the sender”.

3. So click there and then you will never get any emails from that sender.

There are some emails also which does not have the unsubscribe option, so what we can do to stop these kinds of emails? So the answer is, “Block”. Yes, we can do that, we can block any sender, and after that, you won’t get any emails from that sender. So follow the instructions which I shared below to block any sender.

1. Log in to your mailbox.

2. Now open the sender’s mail you want to block.

3. Now click on the three dots(the sign of more options), and you will find the unsubscribe or block button there.

4. So click on that, and then you will never receive any emails from that sender.

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So that’s how you can stop getting unwanted emails. But do you know, In the future, how you will keep important emails of your mail id separate from these unwanted emails, I know most of us don’t know about it, but there are two ways to do that and which are…

1. While logging in to multiple apps and websites, we are asked our email id, which we fill without any hesitation., and from there the senders got our email id. After which they send us continuous emails, which we don’t need. So to avoid these, we need to aware that we fill the information of our email id only on trusted apps and websites so that we can get only those emails which we actually need. Although this method is very difficult, but this works surely. And still, if you do not want to adopt this method, then you can go for our second method.

2. So you are reading the second method means you did not like the first one so much, So this method is not as hard as the first one, it’s a simple method, with the help of which you can share your email id with all the apps and websites without any hesitation, and you can also separate your important emails and unwanted emails, and for that you just need 2 email id. You can use the first email id in all important places and can use the second one on apps and other websites. Now I know a lot of people are thinking that this method is so easy, and everyone knows about it, but the point is did you adopt it? I know you don’t. Yes, I agree, that many of us know about this method and many people already using 2 or more email id but they mix them instead of using them for separate works and later then we face the problem. So you can avoid this problem by following this method.

So now I think, you know very well about, How to stop Getting Unwanted emails and how to separate them from your important emails. Here I shared a video also which can help you to understand this method more, but this video is for Gmail users only, and the other users can follow the process which I shared above. Now we are going end this conversation here and still if you have questions about our today’s topic, so you can ask us in the comments section. 

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