Things Which Revealed After Avengers 4 Trailer 

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After a lot of waits, the first trailer of Avengers 4 was finally released. The 2 minute and 26-second trailer enhances the curiosity of fans for the movie. The special thing about Avengers 4 trailer is that it not only released in English language but also released in all prime languages of all countries. After watching the first trailer of Avengers 4, where many people are happy, some people are disappointed also because they were expecting action scenes but in the trailer, there was more emotion than action. After watching the Avengers 4 trailer, many new things came out and many old things were cleared about the movie. So let’s know what things have been revealed after the trailer of the Avengers 4 END GAME …

Things Revealed After Avengers 4 Trailer 

So here we are sharing few things which revealed after the first trailer of Avengers 4, and hope that will help to understand the story of Avengers 4.

Truth Behind The Title Of Avengers End Game

Before releasing the Avengers 4 trailer, there were many rumors about the name of the movie, as it would be called Infinity War Part 2 and Avengers: Annihilation. But as everyone knows, marvel studios are always do something different and surprising and so on this time, marvel studios put a different name END GAME, which nobody had thought about. This name is also believed to be part of the planning of Marvel studios, and it is being said that this name is kept because this part will be the last part of the Avengers series. There are some other facts also which prove this such as, Chris Evans’s tweet, in which he said that now he will not play this character again and will miss it very much, and about his tweet movie directors Russo brothers had said that,

“I think (the end of production on Avengers 4) was more emotional for him than us, only because, you know, he’s not done yet,” said Russo. “And I won’t explain what that means, but the audience will soon understand what I’m talking about.”

There are other similar facts that point to the Avengers 4 END GAME movie being the last part of the series. This time it is difficult to tell whether all these statements are true or not in relation to the title of this movie. But the truth behind this name has come to know, the name End Game was first mentioned in the Avengers infinity war movie, While Doctor Strange giving the time stone to Thanos and told to Iron Man that, “we’re in the endgame now”, and this leads to the point where doctor Strange went to Future to see 14 million different results and only in one of them the Avengers wins, and that clarify the truth behind the “End Game” name and proves that what all happened is actually a part of doctor strange’s plan. And it also gives us a hope that this time Avengers will win.

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New Ronin Look Of Hawkeyenew ronin look of hawkeye in avengers 4 trailer

In the trailer of Avengers 4 Hawkeye is shown in a new look, which is the ronin look. Ronin Look has also adopted before by many characters from marvels, including Marvel’s distinguished character Daredevil. According to Marvel Comics, any person or superhero adopt this look only when he wants to hide his identity. And there may be two reasons behind this look of Hawkeye in the movie, the first of which is because the previous part was told that Hawkeye is under the supervision of govt, so Hawkeye has adopted this look to escape from them so that they Can not recognize him. The second reason is that when Thanos wiped 50% of the world’s population, Hawkeye’s family also ended in it, and Hawkeye suppressed the role of superhero, adopting this new look to take revenge Because there is also a concept about the look of ronin that this look brings strength and with negative and dark mentality. So it will be intriguing to see how Hawkeye adjusts this new ronin look with its superhero character.

Scarecrow Of ThanosScarecrow of thanos in avengers 4 trailer

Thanos in the Avengers Infinity War told that people have become more and the resources are decreasing in the world so to make the balance half of the world will have to be eliminated and therefore, by using all the Stones, he wiped half of the living creatures from the world and then he went on another planet. After looking at the scarecrow of Thanos in the trailer of Avengers 4, it seems that by eliminating half the people in the Infinity War, Thanos finished his work and he now wants to live a normal life. His motive has been completed and now Thanos is living like a common farmer without using his powers. Although still he has all the stones, but he no longer wants to use them.

Old Look Of Captain America

In the first trailer of Avengers 4, Hawkeye’s look is not just a change, but the other form of Captain America has also been seen. Although this look is not new, it was his old look from the time of Captain America winter soldier. But again Captain America’s this old look creates some questions. Some people are telling “Time Travel” is the reason behind this old look of Captain America, But in the same scene, Black Widow is shown in her Current form, where her hair is white, Because if she was with the CaptainAmerica in time travel so her hair should have been red. So it is confusing to understand the reason but as we all know that Marvel Studios do not do anything without any reason so I am sure that, there are some reasons behind this change also and hopefully there will be some good motive behind this old costume and shaved look of Captain America.

Antman’s Entry In Trailer

Even before the Avengers 4 trailer, all the people had estimated that the Antman and his partner Wasp would play a strong and important role in Avengers 4. But wasp is not mentioned in the trailer anywhere and it is also not confirmed yet that she is alive or not. And the main reason why makers showing Antman in the trailer is also that they want to show us that the Antman succeeded in traveling in the Quantum Realm. Because in previous part when Thanos had eliminated half of the world that time Antman was inside Quantum Realm and might be that is the reason he did not affected from the snap. And that is why people are hoping that his power of travelling in the Quantum Realm could help bring back the superheros who disappeared after the snap. But that all will be clear when we watch the movie but yes i can predict you that Antman will play one of the most important role in the Avengers End Game.

Suspense Behind Shuri ‘s Missing DetailsShuri missing details in Avengers 4 trailer,avengers 4 Starcast,avengers 4 story

Shuri, who was shown as a very brilliant scientist and sister of the black panther, is named in a list of dead people in the first trailer of Avengers 4. Only after watching the trailer we can estimate that she has wiped out after the snap. But in an interview before this trailer, Angela Bassett(who played Shuri’s character) told that her shuri character in the movie successfully survived the snap. So now the question is why her details shown in the list of dead people or if it happened by mistake so now where she disappeared after the snap. And now it becomes interesting, to see now where Shuri’s character escaped from that effect, and how important a role she will play in the End Game Fight.

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Ironman In Danger

Avengers 4 Trailer begins with the character of Tony stark, where he records a message for his girlfriend Pepper Potts in his mask, which states that he is in space and out of food And the water and oxygen in his spaceship will also end in one day. According to this part of the trailer, he is going to die in one day, but we all know that the character of tony stark cannot die easily. But it makes it interesting that to how he will escape from this situation and this place. Will he going to saved by Captain America or will be meet with the captain marvel in space or will his girlfriend(who is also a scientist) receive his recorded message. It is very difficult to get an answer to this question right now, although he is not alone in the spaceship, nebula is with him in the same spaceship, so that is also possible that she will find any key to escape from there. So this is another reason, to increase the excitement of the people.

Role Of Captain MarvelRole of Captain Marvel in avengers 4

Many people were excited to see Captain Marvel’s character in the trailer of Avengers 4, but there is no mention of Captain Marvel anywhere in this trailer. There can be two reasons for this, the first one is director wants to get the end of Thanos in this movie done by the first and real avengers, or else they want to present Captain Marvel’s character like a surprise package. Although there is also a different concept of people that, marvel studios also want the Captain Marvel movie to be released first, so people understand Captain Marvel’s character easily. But That all will be clear very soon after the second trailer of Avengers 4. At present we can only hope that Captain Marvel’s character will give a new direction to this movie.

Star cast in Avengers 4

It will be very interesting to see which old superheroes will come back in Avengers 4, and which superheroes will make their debut in the Avengers series. A lot of star cast has been already revealed after the trailer, but there are still doubts about the returns of some old superheroes. And in the list of new appearances, Paul Rudd (Antman) is standing on the first place, however, he has already appeared with Avengers in the Captain America: civil war, but in Avengers series he is going to appear for the first time. And in Avengers 4, he is playing one of the most important Role with his partner Wasp (Evangeline Lilly), As well as from Antman series, Michael Douglas will appear in the role of Hank and Michelle Pfeiffer played the role of his partner and another wasp. Apart from this, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) who was not in the previous part of the Avengers, will appear in this part with his new ronin look. According to some private reports, 2 major characters of Thor Ragnarok movie can be entered into this part also, the first one is Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson and the second character might be Hela, who previously presented as Thor’s sister and the most powerful person in Asgard, and it is believed that she had escaped from the devastation of Asgard and can be appeared in Avengers 4. Red Skull’s character may also return with this movie, but it is difficult to say who will play that character, Ross Marquand or Hugo Weaving, The character of Crossbones will also be seen in this movie for few minutes, but might be in the flashback. Apart from all these characters, there is another main character that will be associated with this series for the first time and that character is Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). So these were some new characters that we will see in Avengers 4. And with that, I am also sharing all the possible star cast of Avengers 4…

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner),  Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), Black Panther ( Chadwick Boseman ), Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), Mantis (Pom Klementieff ), Harley Keener (Ty Simpkins).  Nebula (Karen Gillan), Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Thanos( Josh Brolin),Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson ), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans) and The Wasp (Evangeline Lilly), The AntMan (Paul Rudd), Hank (Michael Douglas), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). There is also the name of some superheroes in this list, who have died in the previous part, but also they are still expected to come.

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Exciting Moments You Will See In Avengers 4Role of stan lee in avengers 4

In Avengers 4 we will see many exciting moments which we are waiting from now, and in those scenes, you will not be able to stop yourself from playing whistle. And the scene on which the most noise will be the cameo scene of stan lee. After that Hulk’s return scene will give us goosebumps. Iron Man and Captain America’s friendship again will also be one of the best moments of Avengers 4. The return of Hawkeye in ronin look and the first entry of the captain marvel will surely blow our mind. And apart from these moments if any old superhero who had disappeared in the infinity war would have returned, then it would be also listed as one of the best moments of this movie.

So this is all about the disclosure that happened after seeing the Avengers 4 trailer. Now will see what we will get in the next trailer of Avengers 4 End Game, and if you have any questions regarding this trailer, you can ask us in the comments section.


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