Superconducting Magnet That Set A New World Record

New Superconducting Magnet Set A New World Record to create storngest magnetic field
Source: The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) at Florida State University, becomes the host of a new experiment which sets a new world record in the field of magnetic intensity. In this experiment which happened last month, a superconducting magnet broke all the past records and has set a new record to create a new strongest magnetic field. This superconducting magnet has recorded the intensity of the 45.5-Tesla magnetic field, which is the highest ever so far.

Tesla is the unit in which the scientists measure the magnetic intensities, and you can estimate how much intense a 45.5- Tesla is, by this example that a general hospital MRI magnet is about 2 or 3 teslas. Although the magnetic field intensity of this newly discovered is only .5 tesla more compare to the old one but as per its size, its magnetic intensity surprised us.

This new supercomputing magnet, which has set a new world record to create the most intense magnetic field, is very small in size and weight. This magnet weighing only 399 grams is smaller than a large glass and looks like a small stack of flat disc wrapped in thin metal straps. As per the Greg Boebinger (Director of National MagLab ), This new magnet is a plucky David to the MagLab’s conventional Goliaths.

Before this new supercomputing magnet, the record of the world’s strongest, continuous magnet was the name of Meglab’s own 45-Tesla hybrid device, which is an entire device setup, which weighs 35 tons. This 45-Tesla magnet has maintained the record of worlds strongest magnet since 1999. 45-T is still considered the world’s strongest magnet, which enables cutting-edge physics research. But in a recently held research, the half-pint-sized magnet invented by Hahn, tipping the scales at 390 grams, briefly surpassed the reigning champ’s field by half a tesla, a compelling proof of concept.

According to researchers and other experts, this discovery marks a possible new direction for direct current magnetic fields. About which the director of National MagLab Greg Boebinger said that “This is indeed a miniaturization milestone that could potentially do for magnets what silicon has done for electronics, this creative technology could lead to small magnets that do big jobs in places like particle detectors, nuclear fusion reactors, and diagnostic tools in medicine.”

New Superconducting Magnet Set A New World Record to create storngest magnetic field

Source: The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Now the question arises, how can such a small magnet produce a large and intense magnetic field? So the answer is, using a promising, new conductor and a novel magnet design. So let’s start with the conductor first, the old 45-Tesla magnet and the new 45.5-Tesla test magnets are both made with superconductors. These superconductors are a class of conductor inserted special properties which have the ability to flow the electricity with perfect efficiency.

Although in making of these two magnets, superconductors have been used, but of these two superconductors are different from each other. Where superconductors used in 45-T are Niobium-based alloys, which have been around for decades, on the other side in the 45.5-T proof-of-principle magnet, Researchers team used a newer compound called Rare earth barium copper oxide(REBCO) with many advantages over conventional superconductors. One of the most important features of REBCO is that it is capable of carrying more than twice as much current as a similar-sized segment of niobium-based superconductor. Also, the specific REBCO product used, paper-thin, tape-shaped wires. As well as the electricity running through an electromagnet generates its field, so the more you can cram in, the stronger the field.

Without Insulation

Insulation directs the current along the most efficient path but it also adds more weight and bulk. While insulation is used in all electromagnets, Hahn’s team built this superconducting magnet without insulation. Apart from planting a sleek device, this design protects the magnet from a malfunction, which is known as a quench. But if there is no insulation, then the current run on a different path, averting a quench.

“The fact that the turn of the coil are not insulated from each other means that they can share current very easily and effectively in order to bypass any of these obstacles,” said David Larbalestier (Material Scientist) and author on the Nature paper.

This superconducting magnet is so powerful due to its design and the conductor used in it, with the help of which it can create a very large and intense magnetic field. Magnets like this can prove helpful in several types of research such as medical diagnostics, particle physics research and many more. About which the lead engineer Seungyong Hahn says, We are really opening a new door. “This technology has very good potential to entirely change the horizons of high-field applications because of its compact nature.”

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So this is all about the newly tested superconducting magnet which set a new record to create the strongest magnetic field with 45.5 Tesla magnetic field. Hopefully, today’s article will prove useful to you but still of you any question in your mind regarding this superconducting magnet, so you can ask us in the comments section.

Source: The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory


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