How To Survive In A Free Falling Elevator

how to survive in a free falling elevator stuck in a free falling elevator
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There are some things which are part of our daily life, but sometimes these same things become a threat to us, and at that time we do not find out how to save ourselves from this situation. Elevator is a very good example of this, we all use it, in our buildings, in offices, and in many other places. But it is also a machine, it can be damaged, and many such incidents have happened several times before, where elevator’s cable breaks have caused major incidents. And in today’s our article we will talk about the same that how to survive in a free falling elevator…

Although this has never happened to you and you have not seen it happen, But still, you will often find people who will tell you about this, but it is necessary that you only listen to the right suggestions. Because there are so many such myths in which people believe blindly, and that’s why first you need to know about them so that you do not make the same mistakes.

Things You Should Not Follow During Stuck In A Falling Elevator…

1.Jumping, It is such a suggestion that you have heard most often, people often tell you that whenever you get stuck in a falling elevator, you should jump. And when you ask them when? So they tell you, jump, just before the elevator touches the ground, due to which you will be escaped by a big setback. This method sounds quite effective, but is this a correct method? Is it really possible to do this?

So the answer is no, not at all. So the question is why, why not? There are two major reasons for that, the first one is time, So, one of the important thing which mentioned in this suggestion, that is, you have to jump in the correct time and when? just before the elevator touches the ground. So if the elevator is falling, that means the cable is broken and the system has been damaged, then how will you get an idea of ​​what time the elevator is going to touch the ground? No one can correctly guess it.

how to survive in a free falling elevator stuck in a free falling elevator
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Now come to the second point, which is speed, Suppose, you took the risk and jumped, and your guess went right, you jumped at the exact moment of impact, still, you would change only a little bit damage. And the reason behind it is speed. The speed of a free falling elevator is very high, which depends on its height, the higher the height the higher the speed, suppose you jump on the correct time, but still, you will be able to reduce only a little bit speed. So the damage will remain almost the same, whether you jump or not. Jump in a free falling lift also can become a reason of huge loss, and that is, if you get to jump a little faster, your head may be cranked by crushing the ceiling of the elevator, and that’s why it would not be wrong to say that this method is not correct in any way.

2. Another suggestion that often comes out is that, if you ever get stuck in a free falling elevator, then you should stand with your knees bent to absorb the impact, just like a skydiver, and because of that, your legs would flex as you and the elevator will touch the ground, spreading your body’s deceleration over a longer period. This one is also looking effective but it is still unclear whether this method will work at high speed. This method can also be proven to be fatal, if you follow this method there is a possibility of bone breakage and the risk of the body paralyzed. So, as per my opinion, you should not adopt this method, especially unless it is fully investigated.

Things You Should Do During Stuck In A Free Falling Elevator

Although technology has become very advanced nowadays, rarely you will face such a situation, but even if you ever get stuck in such a situation, then you can try to do two things.

Lay Down On Flat

I know this method sounds terrible, But in the opinion of all experts and also from the point of view of science, this is the best method to survive a falling lift. Many of you will be wondering how this method can be best Because with this way the body will be more damaged. But not so, I agree that, with this way, more body parts will face the force, But with this way, the force, which is generated by elevator falling on the ground will be divided into several body parts instead of one, so the chances of serious injury will decrease.

Although laying your body against the floor won’t be easy for you or anyone in free fall situation because that time because of so much speed you will be weightless and it will be hard to you to pull yourself to the floor. But if you succeed in doing this, then you can save your body from getting huge damage.

Cushion the impact

Although stuck in a falling elevator is an incident that happens suddenly, so chances of it become very low, that you have any type of mattress, but there will be a chance that you have any luggage, such as Any bag, suitcase, trolley, etc. And if you are lucky in such a situation that you have any of these available, so the best thing to do is lay or stand on top of it. If you have a padded thing on which you can lay well, then the first priority should be laying down on it.

how to survive in a free falling elevator stuck in a free falling elevator

But if there is something like a suitcase, trolly or other bags, then stand on it, because it can be possible that the items you’re standing on can break the force of impact. So if you ever get stuck in a free falling elevator and you have any type of luggage then you can use it in this way and save yourself from big damage in that situation.

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So these are the two ways that you can try if you get stuck in a free falling elevator. Although both of these methods have been suggested by experts but still that is not fully sure, that these methods will be completely successful. But as I mentioned above, these two ways are the best ways to get out from such situations. Hopefully, now you know how to save yourself from a situation where you stuck in a free falling elevator, but still, if you have any questions regarding today’s our topic so you can ask us in the comments section.


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