Tata Sky Broadband Services Data Plan And Charges

Tata sky is the leading DTH(Direct-to-Home) service provider in India and now Tata sky Company wants to increase their services area and the new field they selected is Broadband services. And After all the legal formalities Tata sky launched their Broadband services in India. The decision of Launching Broadband services in India is a highly risky decision because this time a big part of the indian internet market running around Reliance Jio and Jio just launched their new broadband services called Jio gigafiber. So where all other old Broadband companies trying to retain or save their regular users from jio, tata sky coming for making new users so it could be a tough decision.

At present Tata sky launched their new broadband service in 12 cities of India and they are Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mira-Bhayandar, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Thane and Pune. All the plans of Tata sky Broadband services are released and they divided by different time limits and that are..

1. One month
2. Three months
3. Five months
4. Nine months
5. Twelve Months

All the plans are available with unlimited data but for these five time limits options, so lets take a short introduction of each plan and know what Tata sky Broadband services bring for their users.

One Month Plan 

There are five different options for unlimited data which based on their speed and they are Rs.999 For 5Mbps, Rs.1150 For 10Mbps, Rs.1500 For 30Mbps, Rs.1800 For 50Mbps and Rs.2500 For 100Mbps. So these are the decided plans for one month and Tata sky giving you two additional plan which gives you fixed data and the plans are Rs.1250 For 125GB Data and Rs 999 For 60GB Data.

Three Months Plan 

There are also five options for unlimited data based on their speed and they are 2997 Rs. For 5Mbps, 3450 Rs. For 10Mbps, 4500 Rs. For 30Mbps, 5400 Rs. For 50Mbps and 7500 Rs.For 100Mbps. So these are the decided three months plans and there is also two additional plan which gives you fixed data and the plans are Rs.3750 For 125GB Data and Rs. 2997 For 60GB Data.

Five Months Plans

Unlimiteddata plans for Five months available at Rs. 4995 For 5Mbps, Rs.5750 For 10Mbps, Rs. 7500 For 30Mbps, Rs.9000 For 50Mbps and Rs.12500 For 100Mbps. AndTata sky giving you two additional fix data plans for five months also which is Rs.6250 For 125GB Data and Rs 4995 For 60GB Data.tatasky broadband service

Nine Months Plan 

There are same five plans like others which based on their speed and they are Rs.8991 For 5Mbps, Rs.10350 For 10Mbps, Rs.13500 For 30Mbps, Rs.16200 For 50Mbps and Rs. 22500 For 100Mbps. Two additional plans of fixed data also available for Nine Months and the plans are Rs.11250 For 125GB Data and Rs 8991 For 60GB Data.

Twelve Months Plan

Five options of unlimited data available for this one too, which based on their speed. So you purchase it by giving Rs. 11988 For 5Mbps, Rs.13800 For 10Mbps, Rs. 18000 For 30Mbps, Rs.21600 For 50Mbps and Rs. 30000 For 100Mbps. So these are the decided plans for Twelve month and Two additional plan also available for twelve months, which gives you fixed data and the plans are Rs. 15000 For 125GB Data and Rs 11988 For 60GB Data.

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So these are the plans which available for Tata sky Broadband services. All plans are available on the official website of Tata sky. The installation fees is 1200 but there is no any charges for the router. All the months will count as 30 days. So enjoy the unlimited data plan of Tata sku Broadband services and send us your reviews about it.


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