The Difference Between NTFS And FAT32 File Systems

Every time when you trying to format any USB drives like hard drives, pen drive, memory card or any other storage options it ask first for choose The file type and it gives you two options first one is FAT32 and second one is NTFS. I know most of the people knows that but they never trying to know what exactly it is, so let’s learn together with this article.

FAT 32 and NTFS are the type which our file systems supports and both of these have their different qualities and compatibility with different kind of systems. Some systems support one of them or some supports both of them like windows. So lets know the qualities and and features of NTFS and FAT32 .


NTFS stands for New Technology File System and as per it’s name it is the latest version of windows file systems which currently running on our PC’S. NTFS is the upgraded file system version after FAT and it released on 1993. NTFS firstly comes with Windows NT system and after that it used in all above version. NTFS is a secure file systems which support file permissions. NTFS developed by Microsoft but it works with other operating systems also like mac-OS and Linux. Linux user got the full access on NTFS but in macOS it is only a readable File. Because of the latest technology security NTFS gives you the quick response in file recovery and backup. NTFS used for all the system files and it also used for files in external drivers. There are so many NTFS versions are available which comes with every new version of windows.


FAT32 is the older version from NTFS. The exact mean of FAT32 is File Allocation Table and 32 stands for 32 Bit because there is an older version also available which is FAT16. Usually It supports small file and old version of window devices. FAT32 compatible with windows, MacOS, Linux , and other devices like gaming consoles. FAT32 is one of the best version of FAT family, which starts with FAT8 in 1977 and it ends with FAT plus. FAT32 supports file up-to maximum 2TB and that’s why people choose other file systems for big files.

So both the file systems have their own features but there are some differences which can help people to choose one from all, so let’s compare them with some points.

Difference Between NTFS And FAT32

There are so many differences we both have which we can see here in list..

Features FAT32 NTFS
FULL NAME FILE Allocation Table 32 Bit New Technology File System
Compatible All windows version, mac-OS,Linux, USB supported gaming consoles. Windows NT family (Windows NT 3.1 to Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012), Mac OS X, GNU/Linux
Supporting File Size Maximum 4 GB 16 TB maximum
Security Full security to Network Full security to Local and Network
Maximum character for file name 8.3 Character only 255 Character
Attributes Read-only, Hidden, System, Volume, Directory, Archive Read-only, hidden, system, archive, not content indexed, off-line, temporary, compress
Released Year 1977 1993
Recover Capability Doesn’t Have the Capability  to Recover Have the Capability to Recover
File Processing Speed Average File Processing Speed Fast File Processing Speed
Maximum Number Of Files 268,173,300 for 32 KiB cluster 4,294,967,295 (2^32-1
Conversion Allow to Conversion Not Allow to Conversion
Compression No Compression Allow to compression
Data Sharing Doesn’t allow to data sharing between two operating system. Possible data sharing between two operating system.


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So after reading all these points on the list now you can easily use them but it is important to choose them wisely because both the file systems are best at their work but with different kind of devices and if you want to ask everything about it, send us your reviews and feedback.


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