The Walking Dead : our world launched for Android

Remember the Famous tv series The walking Dead , now as promised Next game launched their new game ” The Walking Dead : Our World for Android ” on the basis of the tv series.

The Walking Dead : our world previewThe walking Dead : our world is a AR (augmented reality ) technology based game. AR technology games are virtual but real time game like Pokemon go , Jurassic World Alive or more. In this game you can see zombies on your mobile game screen but it mapped on your neraby location. The game is similar to The walking dead series where you have collect guns , bullets and other weapons and than you have to find zombies and kill them all. Famous Character of the series also there in game , you can unlock them and purchase them with game points. So The walking Dead : our world is a game which is running virtualy but on your reality map that means you can find zombies any where like your friends home or your bedroom even in your Bathroom, so wherever you going you can find the zombies or you can attack on them.
THE Walking Dead : our world is a online multiplayer player game, so you can find your teammates and get more points with them. THE Walking Dead : our world game is available without any cost on play store for Android and it is also available for iOs operating system.

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As per Android Police report THE Walking Dead : our world has some bugs and problems which need to be fix. Because of this issue the game crash multiple times. There are some issues with the AR mode too, which also need to be clear but you can play the game on other mode because AR mode is optional. So enjoy this game and send us your reviews and suggestions about this game.


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