Why We Can’t Throw All Our Trash Into Volcanoes

why we do not throw our trash into volcanoes, why we can't burn our trash into volcanoes

Volcanoes are one of the most destructive creations of this world, which has the ability to melt anything or any person without leaving any trace. This dangerous form of nature has damaged many other resources of our world for the last several centuries, due to which we have suffered so much damage. But can the volcano be beneficial for us too? This question has been made a topic of discussion many times, but a question that often many people ask, if the magma-filled center of the volcano has the ability that it can melt everything, then why we do not throw all our trash into volcanoes? What will happen if we dumped all our trash into volcanoes?

Is this question running in your mind too, why do not we burn our waste in the volcano? Why is this not being considered? Has anyone tried to do this before? So let’s understand this whole process once and hopefully, we will get our answers.

So, before thinking about putting the trash in the volcano, we have to keep a few things in mind, first of all, how much of the trash we will have to throw in the volcano. According to the reports, globally garbage production is estimated to be around 2.2 billion tons per year, of which 254 million tons of garbage is produced in the United States alone. If such a garbage is being produced every year then it can be a great step to reduce some burden from the earth by throwing this waste into a volcano.

why we do not throw our trash into volcanoes, why we can't burn our trash into volcanoes

After knowing the report, it is a common point of view, but there is also a second aspect to which you will know that it is not so easy. To burn this waste in the volcano, we have to find volcanoes that are capable of doing this, and only active volcanoes can burn our trash. Although finding such an active volcano is not a big problem, but the hassle is to deliver this waste to those active volcanoes. There are barely 1500 active volcanoes available worldwide and most of them aren’t located anywhere near residential areas for safety reasons. It means that a huge transport system will be needed to reach these volcanoes which will prove to be very expensive. As per a report of world counts If all this waste was put on trucks, they would go around the world 24 times.

And after taking all this expenditure, even if we reach active volcanoes, it will not be necessary that every active volcano should be able to swallow that garbage. The type of volcano that is capable of doing this is called shield volcano. A shield volcano is a slow-moving species of the volcano, with iconic lava lakes which gradually get out on to the Earth. And It is quite difficult to identify and find these kinds of volcanoes.

why we do not throw our trash into volcanoes, why we can't burn our trash into volcanoes

But let’s assume for one time that we have crossed all these problems such as transport, an active volcano, shield volcano, But still, do you really know what reaction will happen after the throwing the trash into the volcano? Will all this garbage burn? Will there be an explosion? Do not know, so let’s know together…

First of all, it is important to know that, as much as the volcano looks, many times more dangerous than it is. It looks like a furnace from the outside, in which the garbage can easily be burnt, but it is very difficult or you can say impossible to do that because active volcanoes are very unstable, they can burst at any time. Apart from this, many types of toxic gases, projectile rocks and lava are filled in volcanoes, and so much of the trash will make the volcano more unstable, which can easily explode, and when it will. happen then all the harmful things inside the volcano such as poisoned gases, lava, and the big rocks will get out and the damage will be much higher than the current loss.

It is not that there has never been a try, It was 2002, a team of Ethiopian researchers threw a 30 kg (66 lb) bag of waste into an active volcano, and the results came up were very explosive. As I mentioned above, lava lakes inside the volcano are very unstable, so if you cool their surfaces by doing something like throwing garbage, then you will speed up a chain reaction of explosions involving pressurized and acidic steam.

2002 volcano experiment, credit: photovolcanica

So you can easily guess, that if you throw waste of any country in a volcano, then how big and horrific explosion can happen. There are volcanoes which throw lava and rock out for several hundred feet in the natural explosion, by that you can imagine how much, things will get worsened by the explosion caused by the garbage.

This is not the only reason, there is another big reason for not throwing garbage in the volcano, that it can prove to be very fatal for our environment. The pollution from burning so much garbage and the mixed toxic gas of the volcano can completely ruin our environment. Apart from this, there will be many such wastes which cannot be burn, which will be more dangerous to us. The results that will be caused by burning garbage in the volcano, they will be far more horrible than the present situation, so it is important to not take any such wrong steps, and work on such a plan in which we can generate energy from burning the waste instead of pollution.

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So because of all these reasons, we can not throw garbage in the volcano. I hope now you may have understood why we can not throw garbage in the volcano, but still, if you have any questions relating to this topic in your mind then you can share it with us in the Committees section.


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