Tik Tok App Is Back On Play Store And App Store

tik tok app is back again on playstore and app store

The most used short video making platform in the world, Tik Tok, was recently banned in India, and the reason behind this was the people’s complaints, that Tik Tok app is publishing semi-pornographic and obscene content on the Internet, which is having a bad effect on the children. After all these complaints, the case went to the court where Tik Tok was banned in India after the first hearing. Although Tik Tok was not completely restricted, it was only removed from the play store and the app store, so that other people could not download it, while others whose smartphone already had this app could use it but still This decision of the court caused huge damage to this app.

But now, after the latest verdict from High Court of Madras, India, the ban on the Chinese video making app Tik Tok has been lifted. The short video making an app is now back again on Google Play Store and App Store and you can download it from there. The ban on Tik Tok app was lifted on a serious condition and that is, Tik Tok would not allow obscene videos to be published on it. The High Court has warned Tik Tok that, if any obscene, pornographic semi-pornographic and controversial video is posted using the application again, so it would be amount to a violation of the court order and would be considered as a contempt of court and the consequences of this can be quite terrible.

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One-third of the users on tik tok app are from India and after the return of this app to the Play store and the App store they are very happy. And after getting this news, they posted so many memes on various social media platforms about the return of tik tok, in some of which they are teasing the haters, and in some, they are celebrating the return.

Although for now the ban on Tik Tok app has been lifted from India, and it has been officially available for download on Playstore and Appstore, but will the tik tok be able to follow the conditions prescribed by the Indian court in the future? Well, this can be done, but Tik Tok will need to make a lot of changes to it. We all know that Tik Tok is a free application, which is accessible for anyone, and to keep control over all users in such situations It is necessary to do something big and different. Hopefully, Tik Tok will succeed in doing this and we will continue to see some good content.

Download Tik Tok From Play Store

Download Tik Tok From App Store

So if you’re an Indian Tik Tok user, hopefully, you’ve liked this news. But still, if you have any questions regarding the return of tik tok app from the ban, you can ask us in the comments section.


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