Top 3 Unique Social Media Platforms Which Can Blow Your Minds

    top 3 best and unique social media platforms unique social media platforms latest soical media platforms

    At a time where our social behavior was addressed by the number of people we met every day such as our friends, relatives, and acquaintances, but now the process has changed, now our social behavior has been determined on the basis of friends, followers, followers and subscribers on social media. And this can also be estimated by the fact that more than 2.5 billion people worldwide are available on social media platforms, and you and I are also one of them. For all of these users, there are so many social media platforms are also available on the internet and the amazing thing is that the concept of most these social media platforms are exactly same but still because of the huge user count these all platforms are successfully running. And we, too, are going away from creativity and uniqueness by using all these same kind of platforms, and because of which the biggest damage is happening to those developers, who always try to make something new and curious. So to free all of us from these same kinds of boring social platforms, I researched about some unique social media platforms or messaging apps and after testing them I found top 3 of them, so let’s the top 3 unique social media platforms…

    Top 3 Best And Unique Social Media Platforms

    So after testing a lot of social media platforms, I found so many unique social media platforms but from all those, I chose these top 3 Unique Social Media Platforms which I thought will be best for you and will make your messaging experience interesting. Maybe some of you already know about but I am sure most of us don’t, so let’s talk about all the top 3 Unique Social Media Platforms, one by one…

    Die With Me

    The concept of this app is so much unique like its name. Die With Me, the name actually suits on the process how this app works, don’t be confused this app doesn’t lead you to death, so what’s the mean of “Die” here? So here “Die” word stands for battery dead(Low Battery). So this app helps you to find a friend but in but only when your phone’s battery is 5% or less. It gives you a chance to find a friend who can make the last 5% of your phone’s battery worthy.

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    So when the battery of your phone goes down to 5% or below, open this app and type a message and wait and hope that someone somewhere in the earth will find you. The message can be an emergency message or funny or whatever you want. The weirdest thing about this application is, it only gives you few minutes to chat with someone but it is also the best part of this app because it gives you the excitement to use all your chatting skills to impress the other person in only a few minutes. The other thing which makes this application different from the others is, in other social platforms you end up chatting on your choice but in this app, the battery will do that for you.

    die with me in top 3 best and unique social media platforms unique social media platforms latest soical media platforms

    Maybe you’ll get a perfect match in those lucky minutes. I used lucky words here not only because for finding the right match but also for finding any match means this time only very few people are using Die With Me application, so sometimes it may be also possible that you won’t find anyone, so luck plays an important role here. Overall a unique concept social media platform which needs a low battery to start and luck to find the match. So this is the first app from our list of top 3 Unique social media platforms, now let’s see the second one.

    Available – Android , iOs

    Maybe, most of you already knew about this social platform, because this messaging service was quite popular last year. And the reason why it becomes so famous was its unique concept. provides you an anonymous messaging service, which helps you to send messages to any user without showing your identity, and that’s the reason people liked very much. Sarahah is an Arabic word which stands for honesty, and the reason why this platform has been created was to make people honest. The real concept behind this social platform was that People will use it to speak the truth, which truth that they can not dare to speak in front of the other person, with the help of this platform they can tell the truth without showing their identity.

    Last year, people used this platform a lot but not for what it exactly made but for sending compliments and bad stuff to others and the unique anonymous identity feature of this social platform helped them to hide their identity. While this platform was made for a good purpose, some people used it to send an insulting and abusive messages, and often people do not understand who sent them these messages. For this reason, the use of this platform has been greatly reduced since the last few months.

    sarahah in top 3 best and unique social media platforms unique social media platforms latest soical media platforms

    But if you want to use this messaging service for a good purpose so you can use this platform by both the ways application and website and on both the Android and iOS devices. And what you need before sending messages on this platform is only the username of another person. So use and enjoy its services. So this is all about, now let’s move to the 3rd social platform from our list of top 3 Unique Social Media platforms.

    Available – Android , iOs

    Say Henlo

    Say Henlo, a unique social platform which is paradox from the present world, which perhaps running in the present world but reminds of the old times. Where other social media platforms are releasing their applications, Say Henlo is still working as a web-based service. While other social media platforms are giving you access to send unlimited messages, at the same time Say Henlo allows you to send only one message per day. Yes, only one message per day, and that is the weirdest and unique thing about this social platform. Now I know you might be thinking that so why would anyone use this social platform, so frankly I don’t have any satisfying answer for this question but I think the wait, that this platform creates in user’s mind for a single message like the letters (in old days) is the thing which can attract anyone towards this platform.

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    Say Henlo teaches you that what is the mean of waiting, it makes you impatient for a message. Where in today’s world, people are sending messages in short such as “K” and “2u”, this platform teaches you the price of every single message. So now you know that with Say Henlo you can send only one message at a day but the thing you don’t know is that in Say Henlo you can only read the last one received message. So whenever the next message will come the last one deleted automatically, and that’s how this app works.

    There are two ways to find friends on this platform, first search them by their user name and second “Random” button and then chat with a stranger. And who knows that maybe one day you will find your perfect match on Say Henlo. So use this platform and enjoy the old ways of messaging once again, maybe you will find your partner like old love stories.

    Available – Web Only

    So these are the top 3 unique social platforms, which based on some of the weirdest and unique concepts. Hopefully, now you know everything about all these unique social media platforms, but still, if you have any questions regarding these so you can ask us in the comments section.


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