Unlock Your Smartphone With Google assistant

How to unlock your smartphone with google assistant

Google invent so many different technologies for us which we are using in daily life. And Google assistant is the best example of that. It is a voice commanding app which help us to give voice command to our smartphones . Google assistant available in
English, Hindi, Indonesian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, languages and it works for more. It is a smart feature of google which is available fir all Android and kaios smartphone, it also works in iOs device but there is also “Siri” app available as a assistant application.

Google assistant app launched in may 2016 and it become a popular app very earlier. You can easily operate your smartphone and other supported devices. Mist of the people thinks that google assistant only used for search anything on internet by voice command but it is more than this. It featured with lots of amazing feature and one of them is “unlocking the phone with Google assistant voice command”.

Yes this is true you can easily unlock our Smartphones with the help of google assistant but there is some conditions for that which we will share after, first we are sharing few simple steps to enable this feature…

1. Open the “Google assistant” App on your device. Make sure that your data connection needs to be on.How to unlock your smartphone with google assistant

2. Now you are in the typing screen, and you can see a navigation sign on the top of the right side, so click on it. In some devices there are three dots are available to open the google assistant menu so click on it.

3. After that in the new page there are a sign of three dots on top of the rigt side, so click on it.How to unlock your smartphone with google assistant

4. Now click on the setting option for further process.

5. After you entered on the setting page, you can see there lot’s of options so find the option “Phone” and open it.How to unlock your smartphone with google assistant

6. Here you can find the option “Access With Voice Matches” click on it for enable it and then it will ask for your permission to give you voice access.

7. Then click on “I Agree” and after that it will give you some instructions and ask you for saying ” OK GOOGLE” multiple time and after that your voice access will be enable.How to unlock your smartphone with google assistant

8. After that go to the next option which is just next to the “Access With Voice Matches” option and that name is “Unlock With Voice Matches” so click on it for enable it.

9. Now again you will ask for set your voice by reading some phrase in clear voice.

10. After you clear that task now your voice command will be activated and you can unlock your smartphone with google assistant.

So these are some simple steps which enable your voice unlocking command. These steps are based on the latest version of google assistant may be some icons different with these on your devices but the name and procedure is same so read the points carefully for enabling it.


There are not so more conditions for that, it is only one but important one. And the condition is that google assistant for unlock your smartphone will not work with your smartphone if you are using other security options like Pin, Pattern, or Fingerprint sensor. So if you want to use this feature you have to remove all other security options.

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So that’s the condition and these are steps for enable it. And if you enable it once you have to only say “Ok Google” and it will unlock your smartphone. So if there any suggestion about this article write down us in the comments box.


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